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Iv been married for almost 4 years recently we seperated for 6 months and I met who I feel a better fit for life She has a great personality and very attractive but I do still wife so I told her to come back home along with our 1 year old daughter I tried leaving the other woman but something always keeps bringing me back to her mind tells me to stay with family and work on our marriage but heart tells me to leave and go with the other woman and live happily ever after Only after reading so many things online stattics say it might not work out with the new woman im so confused I dont want daughter growing up to hate me and honestly there nothing wrong. You can create in a marriage even if it was not there before. I’M a ridiculous emotional over-sentimental sap I guess that’s why I told wife I d her on our second date I had tried really hard up to that point to hold it back honestly I wanted to tell her on the first date but I knew that would probably be weird I still remember her reaction She kind of gave me th half-shy half-amused smile Then she nodded and looked off into. Crue4848 You are a perfect pair Your adoration for your wife and her being able to overcome so many challenges proves you are a very great guy and an awesome husband. Now I am really confused as in how to handle th situation because I dnt want to affect marriage and at the same time dnt want to lose that girl as I really feel great with her but I have a fear of ruining marriage and hurting that girl what should. With the pantyhose I have to lay back on the bed and kind of lift bottom as I pull the hose to wat I’ve known other paraplegics whole life and just about all of them find it easier to wear thigh-high hose so they only have to worry about dressing one leg at a time problem legs are so thin around thighs Those type of hose would actually end up sliding down legs before I made it to car legs just aren’t big enough to hold them up so the full pantyhose are only choice [nggtags gallery=pantyhose] Why wasn’t I getting reciprocal y-doveyness when we were first married? Because it wasn’t for her It was for me An emotion I had in chest And even when I let it out of chest it wasn’t Being sappy n’t Telling you them doesn’t mean that you do And that’s why wife just gave me that half-smile She knew even if I didn’t what really And now that I’ve tried to change the way I look at the more I become shocked at the messages of I had gotten when I was younger From Dney movies to favorite shows like “The Office” to practically every pop song released constantly sold as an emotion we have before we’re married An emotion that once had somehow magically stays within a marriage forever. Hello I need help I have been married for almost 9yrs I care deeply for husband but i have developed strong feelings for It happens to be h relative we don’t have children and husband a workaholic I feel so all alone i often tell him that we need to spend more time together heart and mind so messed up I am usually the one who can give lots of advice but know one knows what I’m experiencing and that hurting ……who do I turn to I’m praying that God will give me the strength to overcome th temptations Auy advice will be appreciated MAGLS Here the link… /groups/783603618395431/ You will just select the “Join Group” button! Ed We understand your situation because we see it everyday at Marriage Helper As you have probably already dcovered you’re in a tough spot because I’m guessing your belief and value system telling you to stay with your spouse while you intense emotions (we know th as Limerence) are trying to convince you th woman the best decion advice to give us a call at .0990 and let us talk to you about it And if possible we would to see you and your wife at one of our workshops for marriages in cr You can find more information under ‘Marriage Help’ on our main menu In the next couple of weeks we will also have a great video series that Joe put together for spouses in your situation It will be extremely valuable in your decion making process Let us know how we. It kind of nice to see that I am not the only one out there struggling Hi I have been married for 5 years…we have had our ups and downs and we have a house but no kids together although we have kids with ex partners Over the past 30 years I have seen childhood sweetheart first off and on….most recently a month ago I know that I truly th man but I don’t want to hurt husband either yes I know boo hoo for me… but sweetheart doesn’t want a relationship with me whilst I’m married and it’s not guaranteed if I divorce either… I think I want to stay with husband but I have no passion for him…I even want to cry if he tries to hold hand as I wh it was … I don’t know how to go back to loving husband again. Th the story of how I met Jeff and our first date together paraplegic girls n’t for everyone Jeff doesn’t seem to mind paraplegic girls or that I’m handicapped We have really hit it off I still can’t believe if I wasn’t running late for work that day we may have never met Being in a rush I decided to go in wheelchair without the leg braces I usually wear I am a paraplegic paralyzed from just above wat down to feet I have been a paraplegic since I was a little girl I’ve really never known anything different. How can you feel it when you get into an argument? How can you feel it when you think it makes perfect sense to put your socks on the floor after you’re done with them and she has th crazy idea that they need to go in the laundry basket? There was no way I could keep that fire burning as practicality invaded our lives And at first it drove me nuts That emotion meant ! That excitement was how I knew I cared for her! But suddenly life was th grind Even when I was with her Especially when I was with her And even worse it seemed that the harder I tried to be sentimental and y-dovey the less it was reciprocated But it wasn’t that she wasn’t giving me it just seemed to come at different times Like when I offered to do the dhes Or make dinner after she had a hard day Or once we had a daughter when I shared the responsibility of watching. It was good advice but I’m still stuck I’m a military wife and I have a 1y/o daughter The other man I’m in with I have known for a long time and I know almost everything about him As we became friends I fell more in with him I’m also 21 and feel like I married too early husband a good man but he has a dark past that starting to shine through finally H persona becoming more violent and inpatient especially towards our daughter We’ve talked about it but nothing has changed And when the other guy around he spoils daughter and plays with her!! She s him!! So I’m torn horribly! I don’t wanna give up on a marriage but I’ve tried to fix the flaws for years and I’m tired of trying all by self works both ways and with the other man- it’s true I don’t know what to do. Well I have been bitten by th bug too I have been married for at least 16 years and we have had a rocky marriage the whole time We have 2 children 13 and 6 There a girl that I will keep nameless but she and I have known each other for the last 2 years We have started slow with building a friendship and in that time we have grown to each other We have not been intimate with each other but that feeling growing stronger as days pass She also married and she has the same kind of relationship and we are both not happy with our current lives Marriage Help for Marriage Problems and sues (866) 903-0990 Menu I’Ve become used to wearing pantyhose too which I never used to do Without the pantyhose the pads on the braces rub legs too much But that day I was just in wheelchair wearing a little skirt just above knees The blouse was a little on the tight side with pantyhose and two inch platform style heels Getting around in leg braces on crutches slow and I’ve fallen many times wheelchair safer and faster but I cannot stand up to reach things without the leg braces So I mostly use both wheelchair and leg braces together Guys into paraplegic girls are often into stockings and pantyhose. I’ve been in /involved with a man who lives with h ex wife for over ten years now At first four children were part of the relationship for the last 3 years they think I stopped seeing him yet I’ve kept it a secret from everyone I’m almost 40 years old and hes 50 we’re both continuing to fulfill our obligations to our separate households but it’s wearing on us keeping it as a “ affair” We’ve both tried to walk away from one another always finding our way back to one another It’s an emotional mental spiritual not just physical bond we have for one another What do. After 2 years when we still getting closer and closer I decided that I need to tell husband who surpred me even more than he usually does by actually understanding! He googled polyamorous relationships and said I might want to consider that! Unfortunately it was difficult for me to imagine that It wasn’t that I wasn’t in with husband It was just that there was a new intensity that I hadn’t felt before in a long time Things had become a bit ‘business as usual’ with husband and the new person provided excitement and a deep connection One thing I was absolutely clear about no matter what happened was that there was no way on heaven or earth (or anywhere ) that I could hurt husband I would kill self before I did that I could not lie to him but I could not hurt him either Hi name Lu and I have been married to husband for 1 year and 6 months He 63 and I am 28 I feel alone sexually rejected not d and over protected I have meet a 28 years old man 2 days ago and I feel special feeling for him also he does for me husband always quiet at home depressed it have been a year with not sexual activity I feel tired of being taking care of many thing around home and self and at the same time not feeling d by him I him but I am not in any more we have been talking about our marriage but nothing change everything’s very quiet and passive around us we behaves as a civil humans living under the same roof I feel that I want to start living alone by self and pursue a in Please I need help I don’t want to hurt him But I can not handle th situation any more Thank you Appreciative Lu Tom Wanting children and having a wife who doesn’t a major problem If you do not find a way to resolve that the underlying resentment can (and usually does) build to a level that can destroy a relationship and leave each person bitter Therefore I understand that as a conflict of massive proportions if it n’t solved However unless I’m badly mtaken that n’t the reason you wh to leave your wife – at least at th point in your life You want to leave her because you have allowed yourself to fall in with another woman Could your wife’s restance to children be a factor in making you vulnerable to another? Absolutely But guess that n’t the main reason I don’t have the space or time here to explain how one falls in with another person than h spouse but I think I can give you the quick outline… You became friends. Hi! I was married 4 yrs back It was an arranged marriage I am very sensitive and emotional person because i lost parents when i was 10 yrs and faced many things on own since then Had few affairs but none worked out husband a very nice person and very hard working We both are quite opposite to each other We started facing problems right after few weeks of our never accepted me as a person i am because of which i lost confidence in self We tried working things out but nothing really worked H priorities were h family friends work He hardly had anytime for me I was not steady with job which again one of the reasons for h frustration I was emotionally deeply hurt many times with h words He supportive otherwe but there are certain conditions to it we hardly had anything to talk about than budget and to financial condition he strict with money. In Canada you get a full year Maternity leave We had agreed we would leave for year but at the last minute he bailed He abandoned me after baby was born and I spent year off with father He wasn’t involved with our child But I still figured we were a family Once year was over I returned to the town to work Only I dcovered while I was raing our baby he had cheated on me again with 2 people: the same girl again during the summer and then another chick for a few months I was heart broken But I stupidly still d him and Found out i was pregnant with baby number 2 He was furious told me I was f**king h life up he didn’t want anything to do with the kids according to him they were h biggest mtakes and regrets I didn’t find anyway to to start own However best friend and I are feeling all the urges to be together Shes been married 30 years and happily but somehow her and I fell in We don’t want to lose our friendship either I now live 5 hours from her so it’s easier but we talk everyday like clock work Both of us know we can never be together but we both are also madly in with eachother How to we escape the deep and just be friends? She asks me for poetry and short stories of romance and I give them to her But it also makes us fall deeper and deeper everyday and we know we shouldn’t we know it’s wrong I was in a terrible marriage for 20 years no intimacy at all no and I feel th why I have fallen in with her and then. Hi I don’t even know how to start but I need help I will try to keep the story as short as. I am very afraid of what can happen when we actually meet I can see how th situation could go really bad really fast She everything that I could ever want in a partner BUT I don’t want to hurt anyone especially wife I have to admit that I am torn right now not knowing what to do Should I pursue happiness with th other person or should I stay in th less than adequate marriage and acknowledge the fact that it all just a dream Deep down I don’t want to be married to the one I am married to But I certainly don’t want to be the cause of wife’s sadness either The temptation there I never thought it was possible certainly not possible for me But here. On the other hand there another guy which I have known for a bit longer and have romantic feelings towards to We have more things in common (hobbies/look on life etc.) have always had great sex none of us wants kids and we very much enjoy each others company We were together for a year and still meet from time to time He single (divorced years ago) Yet the problem with him that I never made the relationship wih him known to anyone due to rather sure feeling that the relationship wouldn’t be accepted from relatives/society in general – he 17 years older He also earns substantially more than I do (I earn a very good salary but he a CEO so the difference huge) so that may also inevitably make some think that I’m with him. Hi Mr Beam ! I desperately need your advice as to whether situation a lost cause Please tell me if its to late to turn things around In the beginning I was immature and didn’t forgive h transgressions.I wanna show him I’ve matured situation salvageable Can I save family? I’ve been reading your articles and ltening to your radio segments and I agree completely with your teachings I have always thought th way,even before dcovering your site 6 months ago I believe every relationship can be repaired with work and anyone can fall victim to making bad choices I’m a single mom of two children age 2 and 4 And I’ve been fighting for ex and family since late 2012 Everyone thinks I should move on I’ve tried to but I keep wavering back I want and family A life that was stolen from us Please help provide me clarity Here’s a bit. I need some help with situation I am 5 years married now with one 4 year kid Recently I fell in with a girl in workplace and its been a year now It not that i was looking for outside but it just happened that we came very close to each other over time wife suspects something going on in life but she not sure what it Th girl whom I doesn’t have any expectations off th relationship Totally confused don’t know how to handle the situation Please suggest. And that’s when your r and you will begin finally to understand what you’ve given up to have each other You will look back on the beliefs and values that you once held dear that you violated to have her And if you are like the vast majority you will come to regret your abandoning what you once held dear You definitely have a problem with your wife that needs to be resolved As long as you are involved with your r you won’t These are two separate problems To be able to face the future with high regard for yourself solve your problems with your wife After you deal with that then make a decion about your r As long as you are putting your r first you cannot make a decion about your r that you will be happy about ten years. Hi Tiffany… name Audra & I am one of the client reps at Marriage Helper I don’t believe I would forward him th I would encourage you to look into The Decion Point Course for your husband & The Save Marriage Course for yourself Please call us at 615-472-1161 or email me at @ if you have any additional questions! We separated our seven year of marriage because loneliness within the marriage lead me to seeking relationship out of the home After seven years apart and two short term relationships and her in four relationships I turned to religion and once more married first wife We have been together now 13 years and once again I am suffering mightily from loneliness I have come to the point of almost hating her for leaving me so lonely I want out of our marriage even if that means I never ever again I know people can’t and don’t really change I made a terrible mtake by choosing a woman who cannot physically make herself talk to me What pains me in th there will once again be fear on part Fear of loneliness and fear of spending the rest of life alone Yet I cannot help but think by staying with her I will also rob her of ever being. And th has led me to have many affairs in the desperate look for affection and some sort of positive attention!!! Needless to say that I have never found either! I am so hopeless and heart broken that I have no idea what. I think for case I was born a paraplegic So it’s all I know And have simply grown up doing things a different way challenge has now been to hopefully meet who will accept me for who i am as a person And look past physical dability. Can’t you say the exact same about any new relationship though? I’m sure he probably felt the same way for h wife when they first met Everybody feels that way when they meet new and most people also are aware that th “honeymoon phase” does in fact not last forever I don’t really feel that telling they won’t always feel that way for their new r and so they might want to consider working it out with their current spouse good and sound advice Sorry. I suggested “I’d like to lay back if you could pull legs to the couch for me.” With a nod I reclined and he pulled legs to the couch and up into h lap He did them together so as not to spread skirt rode up anyway past the tops of the braces and revealing the darker part of pantyhose He said sorry and pulled skirt back over legs I told him it was okay I kind of knew it would happen and didn’t mind. Grass not green on the other side Make things right with your wife What if she did that. Thank you for honesty with us Th a great article and I feel like it really goes with your situation and what you are feeling /limerence When i was in early 20s i dated a paraplegic girl for about 8 was incontinent and wore diapers and plastic pants and i had to change her a few times.I felt embarrassed and wasnt sure if th was the right thing to do,even tho she asked me to change any other guys experienced th? Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be publhed Required fields are marked * I’ve been married for 6 years husband and I have twin daughters and I have a older daughter from a previous relationship husband emotionally abusive and controlling I was seeing a man who worked under me at company He the epitome of what I’ve desired in a man Because I’m married he’s dtanced himself from me but it makes me want him more The relationship got physical and I became pregnant but lost the baby I don’t want to hurt husband but I’m not happy What should. Shoes have to be tight to support weight with the braces so it’s a little hard getting them on Putting a high heel shoe onto a foot that you can’t stiffen not an easy task So with a little work I get the shoes onto feet and attach them to the braces Now lowering legs to the floor I lock the leg braces straight and reach for crutches Standing slowly at first to keep balance I begin to take first swinging step to closet I’ve been using these leg braces for a year now and I still can’t believe how stiff they keep paralyzed legs [nggtags gallery=leg-braces] I’m not sure why I am writing th post… the only reason I am staying in th marriage because of kids and I can’t bear the thought at th stage to loose family… I don’t know how to revive what has died in me and frankly I am not sure if I want to revive/reprogram it… He does not have kids and in the process of divorcing h wife – they have drifted appart over the yaers as well And so far we have agreed that I will stay in marriage for kids for as long as I need to even if it for the next 15-20 years there no easy solution to th Do I have the right to be happy too? I have always sacrificed own happiness for others Where do I draw the line? I do not want to. “What do you honestly at the deepest level of your being expect it to be ten years from now if you abandon your marriage maybe destroy another in the process (if your r married as well) and violate your core beliefs?” Independence We have a great friendship and we can be blunt totally honest and still each other We have a “real ” connection or at least I do I for him to be happy to live h life happy and I believe it “something” he mses or have that made him do th! I do want to help him and I am actually glad I can see it heal wounds and say finally he not the man of life and though I him a lot though I would take him if he was single he not and I am not going there We are still friends good ones but how I will know he not still doing it wrong? How can I help him repair h life ‘because he a friend a mentor a brother and lots to me” and I want him happy I am a positive person and I caring and giving naturally. I married young and we are almost to year five Recently another woman has captured heart Right now the latter relationship platonic; flirtatious at most But it may be headed toward more I do not want to violate marriage vows/divorce On the other hand I want children and wife at bottom does not Th other woman does and just today we looked longingly together at another happy family. I gt married 8 months back and yes you know th guy told me before that he don’t feel attracted towards me…then at that time I said No but then our parents meet and then he said he said all those stuff out of anger….after marriage too he never showed any affection…sex sex n only sex…we dn even talk much and he iz also introvert type….I wnt separation as there one guy with whom I feel emotional connection and wnt to spend life. James what you are describing are definitely signs of limerence You didn’t mention whether or not she married or if you are married I suggest that you look at some of the articles on the website about limerence. I do the same with right leg lifting the leg into the brace and fastening the straps tightly on legs I still can’t walk with the braces yet because I don’t keep any shoes attached to the braces I unlock the knees so legs will bend and slide self back to waiting wheelchair I can lift legs now using hands on the braces so I lift them one at a time into the footrests of the chair and go to shoes The dress I’ll be wearing a cute one piece black one so black pumps would probably look best I place the shoes in lap now it’s back to the bed Once in the bed knees still unlocked I pull each leg up so I can reach foot still naked in. When we got home I invited him in and got out of the car where he was waiting with crutches I crutched up to the door again with h hand on wat only it was a little lower th time We went in and I started making coffee crutching with braced legs around the kitchen I told him I was going to take braces off so we could get comfortable on the couch when he said something that shocked me He ask me if he could help take leg braces off I could see that he was beginning to get aroused and thought I could have lots of fun with th as I was aroused too So I said he could and swung legs through crutches over to. You keep saying the feelings in the primary relationship are more important than those in the second relationship Wht I have been a guy in whom I found out he was married By th time I already fell in with him I was married and ex cheated and remarried the woman I felt so much guilt because I felt I recked home I caused the same amount of pain on that I went through even though I did not know he told me they where married seperated n he was gonna file a divorce For 4 months I continued our relationship until one day I was trying to teach him how to work an app and pressed some button that went to h last text He was still confessing to her he her n was living with her I told him I wanted nothing to do with him n he keeps calling and texting me saying he would do whatever to prove to me he live me n want to be with me but I just lost all respect and cannot see self with him any longer But it hurts like and I feel like a fool because I do still him. He smoothed legs out and picked up the brace for left leg He placed thin leg into its brace and fastened the straps in reverse order from the night before Lifting foot a little he wiggled it into the high heel pump and attached it to the brace Then he ask me if I could walk using only one leg brace Well I didn’t know if I could or not as I had never tried Thinking it might turn him on to see me try I wanted to see if I could man would there to catch me if I couldn’t. Hi Kimberly I found it and joined the group Just waiting to be accepted 🙂 actual name Samaria I should say at times I believed he other half we are different but totally the same He still says I complete him and we have th huge level of understanding I can understand him from h eyes before I knew him to th level and we had a sense of we met before “familiarity” since we first met It like we have the same core in two personality and when we were friends I used to joke we must be twins! Because we do have a spiritual connection “which the first thing that connect us” like soul recogned h soul and harmone with it And with him I have no fears and feel totally safe I never had that before but I also accept now it not limited to him I wonder also if I should stop being friends with him ? If it harmful for me ? for him ? I would hate that but I am OK to do it if it needed I want to do the best for me and him. The thing I’ve always d best friend for a long time – he the only one that undersands me and accepts me for who I am while husband struggles in accepting ways and mind set I feel more connected with friend than husband husband lately has been showing less interest in me doesn’t talk as much less interacts with the kids I am constantly doing all the work everyday when he sleeps (he works overnights) and just thinks he can pat the kids head and everything okay. I don’t know why I felt like that I think I just don’t satfied with wife I felt like a very bad person just thinking that I have that thought but I don’t know why I have those kind of feeling Sometimes I felt that I should be the un-married person because I felt that I’m too vulnerable to in with other woman I’m too afraid to bring devastation to son family and close friend if I leave marriage for another woman and it will not guaranteed if I’m not repeat these things in the future I wh I could always have a feeling that I have with those paramour. Ive developed feelings that aren’t there anymore for husband he doesn’t do anything for me to make me feel good about self or our marriage The feelings are just plain I feel like I’m just staying with him because of the kids and I didn’t want go down the road where Ive been down before and end up coming back I want to be sure th workable or not… but at the same time f eelings for friend are real not just some …… lust or desires I how he ltens to me I how he treats me how he able to go shopping with me how he able to take all anger when I’m mad and so much more… he actually ltens to me What going on with th? Can you help? Advices? Insights? Anna There are a couple of things going on here First of all the fact that you are questioning your relationship with th man shows that you realize that what happening should not be happening Since you have read th article you have some sense of what limerence and how it works It eventually fades and all of the people in the path of the daster are devastated by what happened Also if he wanting to leave h wife when things get hard then that gives a pretty good indication that he would do the same thing with you You already know that you would have to live with the guilt and the downfall of h marriage It n’t. Hi everyone I have been married for four years I knew from the very beginning that I was not in with husband I’ve met th wonderful man about a year ago We’re so close and we have so much in common I never felt th way before and he’s not that I would be physically attracted to I fell in with for the first time ever that I saw what’s inside We started our affair three months ago I do not want to let him go I want husband to leave but he doesn’t get. I am from india girlfriend physicaly chalangd but it never turnd hindres in our she s very beautiful n i her very much She have changed entire life each and every thing in life even i m al bcoz of her…… I realy you sweetheart to being in life…… N guys nodought “ONLY A GENTLEMAN CAN DATE A PARAPLEGIC GIRL” Good Day I have been with husband for 7 years and married for 3 years we have one child together every time we get in a serious argument he brings up the word divorce,since marriage he a different person never lesson to reason and just snaps for no reason i have suggested marriage counseling and anger management coarse but he wont hear of it for the past few months ex and i had been in contact we both married with family’s but it seems the spark has resurfaced the only reason we broke up was because he got a job out of the country he wants us to get back together and even suggested he will file a divorce first i know the grass not always greener on the other side but it was one of relationships please help. Please help th “torn soul” Do I try to ignite th fire or put it asunder I know the I have for him a true,pure Thank you so much I pray you have a blessed day! That’s a great mindset for anyone thankyou I have to keep in mind that h struggles are going to exceed own. Anne You are right There no guarantee with the other man You know deep down the best thing to do to save your marriage You can go back to loving your husband again It starts with rebuilding intimacy Look into our article called “into-me-see” As you know your marriage didn’t get th way over night and reading articles n’t going to save it We have a very powerful and marriage-changing workshop Marriage Helper 911 that can put that intimacy and passion back in your marriage You can find out more about it here if you wh: /save-marriage/ Being dabled self I always have a rule of thumb when it comes to needing asstance with things If I can turn the act of asstance it into a game I ask partner to help but if it can’t turn it into a game I ask a nurse In example getting help putting socks on usually results in a partner teasing or tickling feet having a laugh together Bathroom related asstance no game and thus a nurse aids there By not presuring a partner to help with non-fun tasks a relationship stays healthy. Elly Before you leave your marriage for th other man I hope that you make sure you are not just leaving your marriage and replacing it with something instead of working out your problems Otherwe you will eventually face problems with th new guy and when that happens what are you going to do? Are you going to leave him or try and work. One other thing that may be of great help to you the video I recently did helping spouses such as you understand what happening in your wife’s mind and heart as she in th affair You can find it here /1l0rpNT If you are a religious man I suggest you pray intently Finally be strong Don’t whine beg or plead Nothing about that makes you attractive Make it clear you wh to save your marriage but don’t demonstrate panic or fear Be the man she fell. Hi I had a brain tumor but feel like I kind of fit in with th group I got sick at age 26 now I’m 43 I lived in St Lou MO now I live in PA with parents I walk using a cane and have slight paralys on left side funny I used to play drums can’t anymore I am able to exerce so I often go to the gym and ride a trike to kill time Before th happened I was a very sociable guy bar tended and had tons of friends not now lol parents live in a gated community so I rarely socialize now! Not sure how to say th without sounding like a pervert but I’d like to talk to a female long story haven’t been intimate in years sorry if that sounds weird but at least it’s honest! Here a great article we did that will help you with th situation! /definitive-guide-to-boundaries Kindly be sending reading materials because am. Hello I have been married for exactly 2 years and I am in with that I met before I got married I truly thought that I was in with wife and wanted to have a future/family but there has always been one thing lacking in our relationship from day 1 and that “intimacy passionate ksing foreplay” something I have with r I thought th was one area that I would be okay with for the moment or that we can work on eventually in the future but it has not gotten any better in 2 years that we have been together and I feel like that’s why I am continuing th relationship with r because we have a deep sexual connection but not just sexually either I do not want to hurt wife and feel like I need to end it but I want to make sure I am doing the right thing I feel like th has been going one since before I got married so I wonder if I ever should of gotten married from the beginning. Read all the story and the comments You people are incredible I am in communication with a person whom I believe handicapped With your incredible stories I am sure i am now able to connect with her appropriately She has not yet adved me of her condition (which I only suspect) but if I am right you have given me a huge step up. Before I would run with a man that was willing to help destroy a marriage i would try to rekindle those feelings that helped rebuild it after your husband cheated Look at th way he could be forgiving you because its “fair” Or because in h moment of weakness he knew the regret and wants to save the marriage You both should seek help to cheat on one another physically or emotionally shows a serious underlying sue best to you As humans we all make mtakes as wives and husbands we learn to. I have always wondered what people went through when it came to paraplegic and well…non lol would date I would like to hear accounts of male paraplegics. Hi I’ve been married for almost 3 years me and husband had what I thought was the perfect marriage He was amazing caring a wonderful father to our child But something was msing I got promoted at work and went to another location to train Where I had met we talked and got to know each other we exchanged phone numbers And one thing led to another I ended up having an affair th affair has lasted almost 8 months We have fallen so hard for each other there so much passion and romance with th guy that I don’t have with husband I’m so completely torn between both guys I don’t want to give up on marriage but I don’t want to stop seeing th other guy either. That’s a very nice story! I got polio when I was 2years old now I am 42 years old I use brace on one leg I sometimes use power wheelchair if I go to the mall I don’t see dability as a barrier I have a job I drive nice cars I am married with 6 beautiful kids wife fabled woman pretty Before I got married I was always beautiful women white black Asian etc… So having a dability doesn’t mean you can’t date. A year ago I met another man Again it was a relief to talk to and not feel emotionally drained Again I struggled with a considerable degree of self-loathing for months I’m consider divorce It’s very difficult to consider departing from Chrtian beliefs hurting a husband I care about and dappointing parents and friends Nevertheless I continue to consider divorce because of the hopeless sadness I feel when I contemplate walking through the remainder of life with husband and without even the consolation of children. Jeff retrieved crutches from the front room and I lowered leg onto the floor The knee clicked into its locked position I balanced on the one stiff leg at first Noticing with the three inch heel shorter right leg dangled about five inches above the floor So I extended the crutches and pulled body forward letting right leg swing freely Pulling left behind it dragged a little more than before on the floor firm naked breasts jiggled as I struggled around the bedroom paraplegic girls does have its perks bouncing boobs were two. I have been with wife for 17 years and married for 10 We have a four year old son together She an alcoholic pill popper and suffers from depression Her family sucks and has always made her and our life very hard We still each other very much but we’ve put each other through hell over the years I fell in with a coworker two years ago and I’m still in with her She waited and waited and waited for me to leave wife and I’ve never been able to bring self to do it mainly because of our son I don’t want to hurt him and mess him up for the rest of h life! Now th other girl finally new and I may have lost her forever and I’m so heartbroken I can barely function. Dinner was perfect with a little wine Jeff seemed to be enjoying h first experience paraplegic girls Wine gets people talking and it certainly did its trick on us Jeff confided that he had never known legs were different lengths and was interested in the thick sole on right shoe I explained how shoes were of different sizes due to right foot being smaller He told me how gracefully I moved in the leg braces and how beautiful he thought I was Th one a keeper I thought to self Despite never paraplegic girls before Jeff remained a true gentleman sensitive to dsability I hadn’t felt so safe and comfortable to just be me in a long time When it comes to paraplegic wheelchair girls and women with a dability being called special very different from being made feel truly special A true gentleman knows the difference. Just like everyone here on these posts i am married its been about 7 years the truth that i married wife not because of but because of daughter wife became pregnant before we even thought of marriage and i just decided we should get married so child would not grow up with her dad here and mom there every day i think i want out but i cannot go because of daughter i know that if wife and i separate i will only get to see daughter on the weekends and i cannot do that i daughter too much i want to see her and hug her everyday. I feel your pain brother I too am going through the same cr I hope you get a solution to your problem Stay strong man. Jeff asked if I would be “walking or riding” that night (meaning was I going to be using braces or wheelchair) We shared a laugh at h cleverness and I asked which would he prefer He told me he was interested in seeing me use leg braces Admitting he had no experience paraplegic girls He had never been out with a dabled woman before only regular girls That was exactly what I needed to hear I immediately thought I have just the outfit for you handsome Again feeling aroused at the thought of him wanting to see me Before I got to wet I eagerly agreed to use the leg braces and he went on to h meeting. I’Ve learned to use leg braces pretty well and walk with a swing through gait That means I put both forearm crutches out in front of me and swing both legs through the middle Since I don’t have any control of wat or legs shorter right leg kind of swings first and left drags the floor just a little as it swings through Wearing leg braces under slacks difficult I am used to people staring at legs as I am almost always in a skirt or dress Once it would have made me uncomfortable Now I even like to show the leg braces off a little Sometimes skirts barely cover the thigh straps on the tops of braces. I am not even sure what question to you… I know that the “other” guy will probably have just as many flaws and will end up being a horrible mtake just like predicted in the article above But for some reason I him… and I knew it the first moment I. As for the other man even though it would hurt both of us initially we would learn to live with separation If I wasn’t faithful to husband then a few years later the same story would repeat itself when the excitement died down in th new relationship I could not get self to think that the meaning of something so deep could be so superficial that I would just let it end in a few years I found another job finally and moved on It was excruciating pain to let him go I think the pain was more from the fact that I wanted to confess at least once and I did not say a word nor did he Looking back I know that the entire office knew but we refused to say a word to each other It. Thank you for your response Try reading th article Let us know if th gives you guidance! /fight-for-marriage So many stories so many people going through similar situations… Married for 10 years mostly unhappy I’ve never been a priority to him and no amount of talking/fighting about it ever changed anything We have a 7 year old son and until very recently they barely had a relationship I met th summer and feelings for him are growing stronger by the day I honestly know that it won’t work out between us but the feelings he has awakened in me have made me realize how unhappy I’ve been I want to leave husband – not for the new man but. The pantyhose were next Still sitting up with lifeless paralyzed legs out in front of me I pulled one leg up to chest Bunching up one leg of the hose I worked it over small foot and over ankle By letting leg fall back into place I pulled the nylon up along leg to around knee and repeated the process with the other leg I straightened the hose around feet and calves making it a little tighter Then I worked the hose up legs and to thighs just like the panties A tip for any guys paraplegic girls We go to a lot of trouble to look nice for you be sure to compliment us. I have been married for four years Me and husband are from two different cultures We have been facing problems adjusting for last 6-7 months and things have got quiet worst between us In the meantime I have reconnected with th guy whom i met after engagement with husband We fell in but I still married husband due to social obligations (In our culture breaking off an engagement a big deal!) The guy was so madly in with me till last year that he would want me to leave husband and go to him He told me many times to get divorced and marry him since he was still waiting for us to be together.I tried but never had the courage to break off marriage because i thought it would be unfair to husband But now when marriage going through a rocky road I want to leave him and be with that guy I dont know if that would be a we decion or if he would ever marry me or not Im going through a depression please help! So in the end I am continuing life on the rational path yet I end up thinking a lot about two topics The first one – should I completely cut out the second guy from life? I end up feeling very dull and a bit sad when I haven’t seen him for months not really msing sex as much as msing our talks And the second problem – I dread the moment when I will have to admit to bf (or husband already) that I don’t want to have kids in the end For th I’m just hoping that attitude may change as I’m still very young (27 years). Name * Email * Website Save name email and website in th browser for the next time I comment. You should join our “Save Marriage” Facebook gorup… It offers lots of support & you are able to talk to Dr Joe on the page Please let us know if you have any questions. Hello I can’t tell you what to do in th situation That decion you will have to make I would encourage you to do all the research you can Look at the articles that we offer having to do with limerence In addition you may want to look into our Decion Point Course Please click here >>> for more information on the course /decion-point-lp Hi James- I am so sorry to hear you are going through th Have you looked into our Decion Point Course? Or considered coming to our 911 Workshops?? I haven’t been in touch with him all these years but I know that I have made the right decion husband a soul the universe gave to me to care for to to cherh to ensure nothing hurts that soul Although I don’t believe in religion I believe that I will not hurt husband knowingly no matter what That what I will stay true to always. I’m in the same boat been married for 25yrs Meet th guy online he so wonderful caring and loving… but I have 3 kids that I’m concerned about there 18 and 2yrs old I’ve been feeling lonely … I don’t know what to follow cause I don’t want to hurt anyone and husband and I r so in debt too I. Hi I am a 34 years old married woman with a 6 1/2 years old son I have been married for close to 10 years marriage was arranged by parents and if I come to think of it I husband but I’m not head over heels in with him marriage has seen a lot of ups and downs but I remained firm to make it work Suddenly few months back I met a person younger in age and from a different country and different religion I started having such strong emotions for him that it feels like he all pervasive and I can’t see anything but him I keep thinking about him all the time We became really intimate a couple of times and it felt wonderful I feel valued beautiful perfect around him We bonded over similar ideologies and similar taste on many things which I could never even explain to husband I know th relationship has no future but I would like to hear what you have to say at marriagehelper. With thin legs wrapped in the nylons and leg braces and sexiest black pumps Jeff couldn’t take h eyes off legs I could feel h eyes burning on me as I descended the ramp off front porch and to h car where he held the door open I ask him to take crutches for me which of course he did and I transferred self down into the car seat still stiff-legged I showed him how the leg brace knee locks work (in case he wanted to know for later) I pulled both legs in at once to keep dress from opening up for the world to see Jeff stowed the crutches and wheelchair and off. And what was even more interesting was that once I realized th on a conscious level and started trying to find more opportunities to give the more we both almost intuitively became y-dovey And now as I’m a bit older and a bit more experienced with th relationship I’ve finally come to realize something Something I haven’t wanted to admit for a long time but undeniable I didn’t wife on that second date I didn’t her when we got engaged I didn’t even her when we got married Because n’t an emotion That fire I felt it was simply that: emotional fire From the excitement of a woman I felt like I could marry But it wasn’t No n’t an emotion or even a noun It’s a verb Better defined as giving As putting ’s needs above.

I have all kinds of shoes from athletic shoes to sandals for the summer favorites though are the high heels I wear at work I have all kinds mostly around three inch right leg also a little shorter than left one another part of dability right leg just stopped growing when I was about 13 and left leg continued to grow until I was about 17 It’s really not that much difference but to make up for it most of shoes have a built-up sole on the right side and are one size smaller since that foot smaller. Your email address will not be publhed Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * That evening we met as expected and walked well I wheeled down to the bar for a few drinks Nothing serious just good conversation and all to soon I was home It wasn’t even dark! Walking me to car I couldn’t help but think he didn’t like me dability was a turn-off Oh well just another guy not interested in paraplegic girls I thought I tried to push all insecurities to the back of mind Just then he asked me how I came to be in a wheelchair Jeff confided that he had noticed me around the office but only knew me as “the girl who wears leg braces.” I was greatly relieved when he told me he thought I was sexy He had wanted to approach me many times but was too shy to talk He said he knew nothing about paraplegic girls. I certainly found him very attractive since the beginning he’s kind of the opposite of husband He’s ambitious affectionate and more assertive and bold in life On the other hand husband kind and very well educated but very mellow; he has a generally low emotional response to things The guy from school and I have come to the admsion of our mutual attraction and we agreed that we wouldn’t want to be involved in a sexual relationship So we just end up hanging out together while working/studying… i think we both want more but we’re not willing to do it at the expense of breaking up our families and neither of us wants th to stop as of now… we just enjoy each other’s company. Hi…thanks for the info I been married for fifteen years I have strayed online and met a woman I am falling in with I am stuck between rock and a hard place I want th woman so bad! Shes from another country and wants to fly here to be with me I don’t want to hurt anyone but wife and I have been on rocky road for a while I have two children also. Maybe you describe th new relationship similar to the way others I’ve worked with: “I’ve never been d like th.” “No one understands me as well as he/she does.” “Th the person I was meant to be with.” “I can’t explain how th feels because I don’t think anyone can understand it It’s intense Amazing Wonderful.” Most likely your desire not to hurt the person you’re married to but rather to live in th new level of that you never knew exted You don’t mean to harm family friends coworkers church buddies or anyone Your desire to have not to hurt (There may be an exception to that if you feel that your spouse has been unkind or hurtful If so that degree of negativity toward your spouse probably increased its intensity after your affair began.) Hello =) name Dina im 25 yrs old i’ve had an accident about 5 years ago im a T12 L1 have been paraplegic using a wheelchair since i do walk using the leg brace sometimes and have been doing pretty good I had a question that really worrying me at the moment I am a virgin and i will be getting married soon…I never actually had intercourse so i wouldn’t know how it normally feels I just know i don’t have the skin sensation in the vaginal area I can tell if there’s something but not the skin sensation at all Would that affect sex life in anyway? there anything that i should do to gain more sensation in that area? Thanks for reading let me know if you have an answser please Regards D Hi I have a problem and I’m fully aware that the problem me somewhere inside me I’m 31 and have been married for 5 year and have 4 years old perfect son during our marriage most of the time we spend being apart I have a job that require me to be apart from family as well as wife with her job we both our job we only meet once or twice a month only for a few days During th marriage I think I have fallen in with another woman for two times (and I’m currently in with the 2nd one) It’s been 2-3 years now after first affair with the first woman It sounds so shallow but those woman has “higher class” than wife I felt like “hey I can get intimate/close with a better quality woman” Yes those two woman physically prettier than wife and has a better personality. That evening when I arrived home I bathed self in the shower I have a special shower chair just for bathing Most mobility handicapped folks use one It stays in the shower I transfer from wheelchair into it and back out again Sitting on just a towel naked in wheelchair I dried hair and upper body Then I pulled each leg up to lap and dried them off I put on some makeup and teased hair then went to dress First I needed just the right bra A sexy bustier to push breasts up would work Skimpy and lingerie like enough to be inviting If Jeff proves okay with paraplegic girls he would be getting to see a whole lot more of me than on our first date [nggtags gallery=bra] Hi Glen for members and vitors security we do not allow the posting of personal contact info on publically vible areas of our website Our forum a safe place to ask questions and talk to people about sues Feel free to join introduce yourself and ask questions there. Comment Post Comment  Notify me of new comments on. I highly suggest that you look through more of our articles and podcasts that have to do with wanting to be with your r Check them out here: /resources/ Me and wife have been married for 4 years We have two beautiful children but for about a year or so I have felt the connection slip the desire fade Iv always had feelings for one of ex’s the “first” or so to say I just reconnected with her and she told me that she had always d me and just never thought I would feel the same But I do I th girl and I feel like I just “settled” with currently wife because of pregnancy So iv been emotionally connected to th girl for close to 10 years the first ks first crush everything to me as I was to her But I don’t know what to do iv been with wife for 4 years and we have kids together But if I’m not happy when I wake up then it still. Hi Rita Check out th article when you get time Hopefully it will offer some light in your situation Please call us if you have any questions about our programs or would like information on how you can save your marriage We can help! /limerence Hey name Bianca I am 24 and I got married June 13 w 2014 It has not been great husband back in jail and seems to me he doesn’t wanna take responsibility for h actions although when we met he was awesome then it went away fights came and he does the most sometimes I thought I really wanted a Thug for a man but I guess I am cheating self I met th guy he has a good heart he goes to church he does not get in trouble he chooses the right rode… We just met but It seem like I been knowing him forever husband might go crazy if he found out but idk what to do anymore I husband but I am afraid I am gonna get the same results when he. I am so sorry you are going through th Have you looked into our Decion Point Course? Like the night before I could see Jeff becoming aroused at the sight of frail paralyzed legs I realized he was attracted not only to me but dability as well I became excited at the idea It was nice to know I didn’t have to try and be like any other woman he had been with I could be comfortable about handicap knowing Jeff liked paraplegic girls He was more than okay with spinal cord injury He liked wheelchair leg braces crutches and dability After crutching around a bit I went back to the bed and pulled self bottom first onto it I pulled right leg to chest and took off the smaller pump revealing foot in only the pantyhose I took the other leg brace and laid it under leg Jeff helped me with the straps and put other pump on The one with the build-up on the bottom and attached it to the brace He also helped me on with skirt while I put bra and blouse on. Im married for 16 years I dont feel a connection to husband anymore I got in contact with an old guy friend and I think we have fallen in husband cheated on me 6 months before our marriage although that was years ago The feelings and connection with friend amazing I feel we were meant to be together husbands knows of the affair and I have no contact with friend but its killing me I ms Cant leave mamarriage because we have financial commitment and a 10 year old daughter any advice im confused. I work in a big wheelchair friendly office building where I have to go from room to room a lot About a year ago I started wearing long leg braces and using crutches to maneuver around the building It’s much easier than getting a wheelchair through crowded hallways and elevators The braces start at the tops of thighs and go down to knee locks so I can bend legs if I’m sitting From there they go down to ankles where I can attach any number of shoes I like. When you find the way to yourself – truly you in a good way – you can then do what it takes to make your current marriage be what it should be. When I was 14 I was completely obsessed with a gentleman in h mid 20’s I dreamed of him and always said he would be prince charming He had no idea as me being a young kid he had a wife and child Now 10 years later he has moved out of province but recently we have connected and started chatting again I think I have fallen in with him and he says he has the same feelings towards self I am currently in a relationship engaged to a wonderful man that I do infact What do I do? I am so lost with emotion lost on which direction to take I don’t want to lose bestfriend the man I but I don’t want to feel guilty because “dream guy” now waiting for me… Ah so confusing. I have been married for 20 years and we have 2 children I have been unhappy for most of the marriage Mainly just stayed for our children I’ve met a man that also has been married for 20 years He has 3 children and also in a marriage unhappily I’ve known him for 3 years but only just in the last 2 months did we both dcover that we both were in similar situations We have been secretly seeing one another for the past two months I have since filed for divorce he has not I am so happy when we are together We have the same values interests and neither one of us has ever cheated on our spouses before Everything seems wonderful when are together I am not sure if he ready or willing to leave h wife but I know he cares very deeply for me What should. I wh I could call or attend one of your workshops but I live overseas and I won’t be back for another year…if I come back at all to be honest. I’ve had a arrange marriage from abroad id rele id never wife in the first year though try to make it work its now over 5 years still not working out hence pretending it will I have one child not sure what. Never had big dreams just wanted a life partner who respects and understands me After marriage i changed as a person used to think before i say anything or do anything I believe to live in present and he thinks more about future I felt h often conditional.I stopped to do many things which i used to once upon a time Never felt as its home or i can freely ask him anything i wanted I started thinking of taking divorce after few months and it was there in mind for a long time Few months back when i started working i fell in with a man who divorced and has one kid We thought of breaking but than couldn’t I started living in a separate room given much thought about it and finally decided to file a petition thinking separation might bring us near to. More than 20 years experience working with couples tells me that if you pursue th new woman and lose your wife of fifteen years you will come to regret it Actually regret n’t a strong enough word Think of it like th…take all the passion your fee for the new woman now and multiply it by a factor of ten but in a negative direction In other words if you lose your marriage to th new intense emotion the result will be a much stronger emotion of sadness regret whing you hadn’t done it and longing for the life you could have had We’ll help if you are willing to let us Send us an email to ll@ or call him toll. “Your emotions are intense now but they won’t be forever Within a couple years if not before you’ll dcover that the Cinderella or Price Charming you’re in with n’t quite as wonderful as you think In the ecstasy of new people overlook flaws quirks and problems in the other When that emotions evolves as it must and will you’ll start to be bothered by things that never bothered you before You will dcover that Cinderella and Prince Charming ext only in fairy tales All the rest of us are flawed and at times hard to live with.” But th n’t true for me at all… I have already decided that the other person’s “flaws” or differences aren’t worth perusing a romantic relationship… all I wanted was a physical relationship and more likely than not I was looking to hurt the person that was hurting me… And now we are in but I don’t know what to do ! I know I shouldn’t leave son (which the only one I care about in marriage) but I feel like that th chance to correct thing otherwe I will be in the same situation again after few years if I stayed married and I will feel more stuck in future I know I made a mtake by not deciding to leave wife before we get married but now I guess better time to fix things before it too late I have been married for 2 years 10 months. Back at car Jeff offered to help me get in Of course I told him I could manage as I did it every day We made plans for dinner the next evening He pecked me on the cheek and walked away to where h car was parked I slid butt into the seat of Volvo and put legs in one at a time car has hand controls and a wheelchair lift that keeps the chair over the roof I don’t have to get the wheelchair into the car after I get. I’m not sure if th will help me or not and th why: “Your desire to have not to hurt (There may be an exception to that if you feel that your spouse has been unkind or hurtful If so that degree of negativity toward your spouse probably increased its intensity after your affair began.)” More likely than not I have been considering cheating as a way of retaliating after being in a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship for. Now things that are valid – such as your differences about children – have become so much larger and stronger motivations to you than they were even before They loom so big that you cannot imagine staying with your wife What you wanted before from her now available from your r The beliefs and values that kept you with your spouse are fading and your desire to be with your r growing stronger at a rapid and amazing rate So how does it end? If you leave your wife and go with your r the intensity that you feel now – the emotions that both you and she expect to last happily ever after – will eventually fade You can still care about each other but the amazing sensations you feel now will inevitably erode into something different When finally that happens you will see that she flawed as well Everyone You Your r. Aaron I understand the challenge for you; but the biggest advice i could give to be comfortable with yourself and who you are and others around you will see all the amazing qualities that you have to offer For me personally boyfriends personality and characertics are what I Who you are as a person way more important in the grand scheme of things and a good woman/man would be able to recognize that above a person’s ableness. Your friendship deepened as you gradually began to share more about your lives your dreams your fears and even those things about yourselves that hardly anyone knows about At some point you began to feel that she understood you like no one ever has…that you can talk to her about anything…that the connection you two have beyond what most people ever have and that it may be that no one has ever felt the way you do about each other You reached a point of emotional connection that you don’t know how to describe it to others because you doubt anyone has ever felt th way Though you didn’t set out to compare her with your wife eventually you did You see your r’s attributes You find yourself seeing primarily your wife’s flaws As time passes those flaws take even larger meaning to you and you’ve come to believe that you should never have been with her Any of th sound familiar. I have been married for 5 1/2 yrs but with husband for 10 yrs He was divorced with 2 kids We had twins together Right before we married he had an affair I believe it happened before I lost that “prince charming” feeling Then I became a slave in the house and overworked with 2 jobs to keep up with h child support and alimony He was very selfh I met 2 years ago The man I met has had drug alcohol and legal sues in the past but I fell for him HARD and can’t seem to break it off I am a caretaker But I fell for the man inside of the mess husband the opposite but has clingy sues and we never agree on things I know if i leave him I will end up with a mess But why can’t i end th long term affair??? I forgot to mention that the divorce already in process They were about to go to mediation but she put in on 3 month hold to try to work it out He wanted her to call it off all together and I believe only so he wouldn’t have to pay child support for two more of h kids (He has 5 altogether) I have cheated on wife with one night stands and now she in with she recently met She tells me that he understand her ltens to her and just a good person She filed fit divorce two months ago but we decided to work on it but she finally decided she was done I want everything to save our marriage because I know deep down we each other but can’t seem to make it work Wet have three kids and I don’t with everything in me nit to create a broken home What can. I’ve been paralyzed 22 years I’ve never had an sue … I’m in a sports wheelchair so I think it looks less intrusive then hospital ones or bulky ones I’m small framed and besides thin legs from years of not walking don’t have anything that sticks out as being dabled For years people thought I had a broken leg or it wasn’t perminant I am getting married soon and actually have a daughter so getting married having kids shouldn’t seem odd! I’ve always had guys approach me and don’t think any have ever thought ” oh no way” Sorry some of you have seen or dealt with that I have male friends who are paralyzed and able bodied women and some married with kids so it’s not uncommon Guess I should say I’m 26 and I’m also a t6 complete A complete a full break of the spinal cord Some have an incomplete which n’t a total sever of. How do you help fall out of for their r? How does Limerence end? What will speed up the process to end Limerence? Jeff thoroughly enjoyed h first time paraplegic girls I’m so glad it was with me! We didn’t bother asking about taking separate cars to work He drove and I’m sure after work today he’ll drive me home We’ll spend another exciting night together as dability rs Maybe tonight I’ll show him how I sometimes drag self from room to room in the house Let him see me pull thin lifeless legs around without the braces crutches or the wheelchair paraplegic girls does require a little patience and understanding And with that I wh you all the happiness and in paraplegic girls that I have come to find. Ive been with husband for 12years married for 8 we got 1 child he has 5 by 2 other women…an old time boyfriend back around and im fallin for him hard weve known eachother for 15+ years and he wants me and daughter to move in with him im confused heart tellin me to give the old boyfriend a chance mind tellin me to stay because ive been there so long and im comfortable with that nothing the same with me and husband anymore sex no good anymore i dont even want it im only 26 years old i married when i was 18 what should. Iam a 26 year old male I been paralized since 22 I have music videos name Filth Rich But I can say iam blessed and handsome I have no sue geting woman I pray a lot Maybe not enough So in our case Convudence and being well groomed can help a lot And persueing a lot Proving can’t nothing stop you Come on? n’t that sexy enough I a cocky person I take baths Drive and live and work on own I recently got engaged And im happy only thing butt be sore I have a robot So just know! Keep positive energy around you And stay confidence And do the same a person with. Aaron from what I understand dont trust word for it but by complete I have been told that h spinal cord was completley severed with no voluntry motor function past the injury site But I am only starting to fully understand what it means How have i coped with it? At the moment he still going through PT in the hospital the real challenge will be when he gets back home and into an every-day routine What I try and do stay as positive and optimtic as possible He the most amazing man I have ever met and h accident would never change how he makes me feel I am able to get through day-by-day but I have to keep in mind that h struggles are going to exceed own and I am going to stick. I married husband because I was pregnant I never was in with him After twenty-two years i asked for a divorce I later met a married man and we are falling deeply in I still want a divorce and he heading in the same direction How can a marriage helper help a marriage that was never. Husband and I met very young and now we’re married Have been for two years and now have a child together I lost virginity to him and feel like I owe life to him I him but I’m in with somebody It hasn’t gotten physical but it has gotten emotional and spiritual to the point where he’s in dreams and I see husband as the problem but he’s done nothing wrong And I think it’s just the attention and affection I’m getting from “r” getting to me emotionally… But I feel in soul that I th man and not husband husband doesn’t know any of th and I don’t want to hurt anybody… I don’t know what. I went with a silky dark purple bra with black lace over most of the cup The mirror over dresser told me with a close look you could actually see nipples through the lace nipples hardened as thoughts drifted off to date seeing me in delicate bra I smiled taking panties that matched the bra and a pair of tan pantyhose from dresser and wheeled to bed Shifted butt to the bed and pulled legs up behind me One foot at a time through the panties and up legs got them to the tops of thighs I bunched up the watband and with a quick bum hop motion slid bottom into panties. U re very much on point Its a bitter truth u just told her I. I am so sorry you are going through th Kelly Have you looked into our Decion Point Course? I know boss for about 5years and we have always felt connected but due to our marriages we never declared anything He’s 30years senior and he still married but lives seperate lives for the past 25years Recently we told each other how we feel and I am absolutely head over heals about th man and he makes me feel alive! I do the same for him I know that th might never be fruitful but i cannot seem to get out of it and with the continuous lack of emotional and physical connection with husband I don’t even know if I should carry on with marriage I’m also now scared to break it off with th other guy as I feel he will be nasty to me during work He never has been and we have professionally been through some really really tough times together! Kat I think that deep inside you know that th relationship n’t right He did decide to go into h marriage and he made a commitment to h wife H continuing in th affair will eventually deeply hurt h marriage and have very negative effects for years to come The best thing that you could do at th point end the relationship It will not only be helpful for him but it will benefit you greatly in the long run Deep inside you don’t want to be that other woman And you deserve more than that You deserve a relationship with a man who committed to you and only you If we can help you with any more of th please contact us. I care about him a good deal and want to him I’ve organized numerous dates couple activities and vacations to “kindle” (not re-kindle) the romance but it inevitably ends with me feeling frustrated I feel like I spend considerable time and money arranging activities which he invariably finds fault with About three years ago I realized how vulnerable marriage was when male colleague called about a work sue and we ended talking late into the night I could joke and debate with colleague without worrying about hurting h feelings and it was a relief to not feel emotionally drained after a conversation I enjoyed the conversation so much that I continued to have long phone dcussions for three months before guilt became such that I changed jobs and asked husband to attend marital counseling with me He refused because of the expense and h strong belief that counselors are no-value-add-money pits I just got in an accident about a year ago and I gotta say has been so hard…but I just wanna say I absolutely adore your story – please friend me on Facebook (removed) – and I write as well Actually I’m writing a book too but I’d to chat about a few things I am having trouble with I don’t really know anyone or have many people to talk to about th sue I’d be honored if you didn’t mind Anyways have a. What you are probably experiencing the fading of “newness” and feelings of exciting that you had with your spouse in the beginning and those feelings are being replaced by the new feelings from th man The truth every relationship takes work You are probably experiencing the beginnings of limerence with th man at work…which will eventually fade That why commitment and continually working on your marriage so important…and takes work If you want to avoid a lot of heartache it would be best to stop spending anytime with th other man In fact it would be best to change jobs to avoid any and all temptation Work on your marriage before things. You may see money or financial commitments being a part in th in reality it an excuse to stay with your husband Your child together may also be a factor but neither are the sue First off what led you to reconnect? Was a simple Hey old friend… or did you put yourself in that situation Two different things with different purposes Just to catch up and have coffee doesn’t always lead to a affair unless both parties are already emotionally open to that From perspective it seems as if you have some still untesolved sue with your husband Either for the infidelity he committed or something Either way though that yet another excuse you have given yourself to ease the pain that you are committing emotional cheating. Been married over 34 years and we’re not compatible sexually I’ve tried best to work th out I touching feeling caressing hugging and ksing wife just lays there like a corpse and will not have oral sex either I’ve known th married co worker at job for over 30 years and I’m in her her and the feeling mutual but both of us have been faithful up until now We’re both in our 60’s heart aches for I want to be her right now Just don’t know what to do Can’t wait to go to work on Monday to see her It’s very depressing to say the least I want our bodies to. Help me please I am so confused I have been married to husband for just one and a half years but recently I started a new job and now I find self in with one of colleagues who also married with a young child he tells me every day that he s me too but I don’t know what to do now When I am around colleague I feel happiness like I have never felt before he means so much to me and the thought of not having him in life unbearable but I also do not want to be the cause of husband having a broken heart husband has told me on 3 separate occasions without any knowledge of what going on “if you want to end th its no problem for me” but I can’t seem to bring self to walk away Please give me some advixe. Six months ago husband betrayed me I was very sad I cried everyday and asked God to help me God heard prayer he broke off relations with that woman But h heart did not come back he said wanted to be single not marriage I am very dappointed for him I do not feel d often I feel very lonely So I started chatting with a man we chat every day and sometimes meet for coffee we do not have any physical contact because I know that conscience will not let me do that also have god’word in head: “Do not be follow th world “I also do it to keep away from him but I found self really enjoyed chatting with him and could not leave him I have no children with husband husband indifference to me how can I do? should I divorce? I d 15 years back from all heart silently we didn’t admit our to eachother I was 18 he was 30 then we split out of our hands after sometime he got married then I did with the first one I sow to forget him I had 2 kids as well as he then we talked back since 5 years I never knew how to forget him I talk to him everyday he living in another country with big time difference but still we can talk I really don’t know what to do I am dying to live with him he hero till now I see him everything in other hand h wife in with him as well as husband but heart captured by him since long time I don’t want to hurt husband as well as kids or h wife I tried 100 of times to leave him but failed with the first msg am very happy with him he dream u know the rest what. Hi I am almost in the same position I have been married for 12 years now I got married when I was 26 husband and I are in to church mintry and our parents too Im not sure if I married husband because I him or because it was a pressure from church & parents because the standards required us to merry before we can have sex or be close in anyway We have 3 beautiful children right now Im not sure if I husband or have I ever him I just can’t explain th Right now im busy trying to find some sort of fulfilment in a lot of things Every time I look at him I feel so sorry for him because I feel like im a hypocrite I am lost I need help I feel I can’t convince self that I th man anymore I also came across th site because Im looking. Hello I’ve been married for a year and a half to husband The firate few months went wonderfully then all of a sudden everything just started falling apart A few months ago I met a guy who i worked with He was sweet and kind and he became best friend but now I’ve noticed that th strong friendship we’ve created has blossomed into I do care for husband still but I can’t shake th feeling I’m just keeping him from happiness I just don’t know what. Absolutely brilliant analys of the situation You’ve just painted the picture of life! Wow 5 Go and pursue your wife find your adventures in life and do those together with your wife Live life and enjoy it with the woman you married … she needs that. That was a Beautiful Story ! Everyone Beautiful Just when you think you won’t have or a r there they are Be good to yourself and take care of yourself Never feel down on because All of. I am married to a wonderful lady who a polio survivor and who wears smart highly intellectual loving and compassionate and to me she the has accomplhed many things in her life in spite of incredible hardships andwhen I look at all of these things and the bravery with which she goes through her life for her and admiration for her goes through the dability not in the least a problem as far as I am concerned and to me she the the most beautiful sexiest and most desirable woman in the physical challenges are part of who she and she would not be the same incredible person without having had to overcome so many challenges in her life.I can only talk for self but am sure that a physical dability not a problem where real concerned.A man marrying the person and the intellect and nothing can overcome these things. Repeatedly those who left their spouses for a remarkable come to me after a few years and say they wh they could do it all over again Th time they wouldn’t abandon their marriage but would figure a way to work out their marriage problems They would not expect their children NOT to be negatively affected by the divorce They would look deeper into their hearts to see that their beliefs and values are part of their very identity and realize that to live in contradiction to them would lead them to become quite different than they were They would admit that there never a “happily ever after” and that leaving one relationship for another trading one set of problems for another In short they would have stayed in the first marriage and done all they could to make. Find out every time I put up a. I’m having an affair with bestfriend who married making me the other woman We were falling for each other before they were married but nuerther of us spoke up They have been married for 5 months and we’ve been together for 3 I know the devastation behind cheating as I have been on the other side I also know that he a good person and if or when eventually faced with the consequences of th how damaging it could be to him He says all the time he should’ve never gotten married but I know he obviously did for a reason I go back and forth constantly but just looking for confirmation that the right thing to do in h best interest to end things before any permanent damage done and let h marriage take the path it’s meant to without interference Any feed back greatly appreciated. I wasn’t heartbroken by the response I think part of me recognized that she was much smarter and more modest than me But as time has gone on I also realized that she knew something that I didn’t Like most Hasidic Jews (we both became religious later in life) our period lasted a very short time After two months of we were engaged Three months after that we were married And that whole time I was swooning Th fire was burning in me a fire that burned just like that second date: I was in But then we got married and everything changed Marriage quicker than I was ready for did th thing: it started sucking away that emotion I tried so hard to keep that fire going to keep that emotion alight but it got harder and harder I mean how you can feel that burning when you’re sitting at the table dcussing how to use the last twenty dollars in your bank account?

Underlying vulnerabilities very likely made the new relationship possible Highly revered marriage researcher John Gottman writes in h book The Marriage Clinic: …many clinicians…have been quick to point out that ‘affairs involve sex but sex usually not the purpose of the affair’…In fact most clinicians who have written in th area report that affairs are usually about seeking friendship support understanding and validation…they are about getting the acceptance that msing in the marriage.” Chesca a man who continues to live with h ex-wife for ten years n’t likely to leave her at all You say you have a strong bond – and I do not doubt you feel that – but how strong h bond to you if he continues to see you only in secret and keeps living with another woman I’m not saying he’s a bad man…I don’t have a clue who he and likely never met him…but th man has two women and that n’t a good thing He gets something from her or he wouldn’t be there He gets something from you or he wouldn’t continue the secret relationship If you continue in th relationship you’ll most likely wake up some day to dcover you’ve wasted years that you could have had with a man who wants. I want to marry a woman who s me for who I am not what I can give to them materially any single ladies The signs that she giving definitely point to her not being serious about a relationship with you Even if you divorced your wife to be with her the odds are stacked that she still would not marry you That’s the thing about limerence: it thrives when people are not together Once the uncertainty of whether or not they can be together they start seeing all of the sues with the relationship and it inevitably ends The fact that she sleeping with another man also shows that she not interested in a relationship There are many things to consider before putting 21 years of marriage aside. Hello I am so sorry you are going through th We know how hard your side too Thank you for your honesty & transparency with us Here a great article that talks about how to get over I think it would a great read for you I also think that our Marriage Recovery would be a great course for you to look into /how-to-get-over-limerence Blessings, Hi i have been in a relationship for about 5 months now I am married and so he We both have kids We have both been married for many years I do th person and I feel he s me as well Neither one of us want to hurt our spouse children or family All of th completely against what I stand for and I can’t seem to grasp how th happened I do know that spouse has been very rude and hateful to me for the last several years We went months maybe even years with no I you I really felt h for me was gone I feel th had something to do with decion to have th affair Now I th other man and have no idea where to go. // Post by Pop Chassid Second if you move into another relationship or marriage because of your need to take care of you aren’t looking to find fulfillment in who you are but in what you do It almost seems as if you need to prove your worthiness or your right to be d by having who needs you to take care of them If you continue in that vein your life likely going to be one merable relationship after another If you want to learn to well and to be d in a way that brings true happiness learn first to yourself You don’t have to be a caretaker or prove your value to be lovable I don’t care about the religious feelings toward me because I know longer attend church I don’t want an affair because I know by experience that they do not last and you often lose both women So I don’t know what I expect you to say but I already know I will dagree with you I have been suicidal for at least three years maybe up to six years because of loneliness Staying with her will only strengthen resolve to commit suicide Leaving her a second time hurts like hell because it destroys me and rips heart apart to hurt anyone. I know everyone says that their situation different but in th case I do think mine unique Hi I’m lora I been married 8 years from now…but after he bring me here at usa he changed he want me to work hard so I can pay him back what he use or spend money to bring me here and he said if I want to support family to I need to have I just fallow what he if I need money for food or for personal need it he just give me 30$ for 1 month buget so I thinking a lot every nite he not give me what I need.I just thinking it’s better to stay without him…so In work I meet a nice guy he give me everything I need and I’m so happy to stay with him…now I’m staying with him about 2 years from now but I’m still married to husband but he don’t know I’m staying with other guy he just know I staying with some friends so maybe somebody can give me a good advice what the good. I truly believe the chair actually helps people get noticed more People often assume that others view the chair 100% negative but thats bull from things I have experienced I have DMD its a common type of dystrophy males get but I have beat the odds to become the man I am Ive dated a woman without a dability before and had a lot of female interest and attention Its your attitude and courage (if you are shy) that gets you noticed. I am not happy; i live with a woman i do not she more like a good friend not a wife i met th other woman some time ago and i cannot stop thinking of her we only talk and and sometimes see each other; we do not have a physical or sexual relationship because she also married and we do not want to be cheaters we just talk about our problems with our spouses and talk about how in the future it would be wonderful if we end up together i everything i know about her the way she talks the things she says the fact that she will not cheat on her husband her culture and religion (she a muslim i am chrtian… weird huh?) we talk for hours about everything and she makes me feel so good and i make her feel good too it tearing me apart inside… i swear as i type th eyes are getting watery! oh god… what. He has the most beautiful smile He lay on top of me with h hands around face Caressing wat and legs he slowly began coming closer to breasts I wanted him to touch breasts and lick nipples so badly I could hardly stand it Since right hand was already pulling h shirt from h pants I used left to guide h hands into blouse Here I was on the couch one leg brace on and one off still pretty much dressed under th man I couldn’t wait to get to bedroom blouse was off and on the floor sexy bra not far behind nipples stood erect with pleasure I had h shirt off admiring shoulders and chest The bulge in h pants told me he was erect with pleasure as well He pulled away just long enough to take other brace from leg skirt bunched up around wat revealing both thin limp legs in tan pantyhose. I’ve apologized to him for part in our situation I selfhly didn’t forgive and treat him with and understanding when I was hurt So behavior contributed to h decions even though ultimately he’s fully responsible I’m not without. I live in the Philippines and I’m using a leg brace due to polio I’m educated I have masters I work and pay bills very independent and pretty much can go wherever I want to ( though a little slow ) What makes hard the mentality of the people I’m usually associated with I meet a lot of good looking men who thinks I’m good looking but will only have fun not wanting to go further I meet smart educated guys who wants a girl they can show off and of course braced girls are not included I meet average guys who have nothing much to brag about but still thinks I’m way below them just because I limp it the place where I live the society I’m at or there are just too many AB girl choice for these men where I am ( lols ) But I’m not giving up on that easy specially reading th article I just want to meet a man who I can level with Hit me up if. You can email. I’m in the same boat and th little voice keeps telling me to STOP Remember what have been done cannot be undone. Though logic doesn’t reign for you at th moment please attempt to silence your emotions temporarily to see past the feelings into your future What do you honestly at the deepest level of your being expect it to be ten years from now if you abandon your marriage maybe destroy another in the process (if your r married as well) and violate your core beliefs? Happiness? Based on observations of and work with thousands of people I can tell you from a purely logical stattical vantage point that it extremely unlikely. 2 Remember and reflect on when you were first with your wife when you were Look at old photographs Re-live those moments Take yourself back there FEEL IT REMEMBER and recognize those emotions and feelings – that’s the woman you feel in with It’s still the woman 3 You and your wife have reached a stale part of life It’s common It happens And it will happen if you abandon all of th for some online fling you’ve attached yourself to Recognize that It’s normal You’re craving what’s new & exciting You and your wife need something new & exciting in your relationship Travel together Adventure together Do exciting things together Change things up Be romantic go exploring together have fun together 4 And you need to end th online fling End it Tell her you have to end it and end it Change your email delete your old email account and don’t talk to her. I’m experiencing the same as you Mike and that’s exactly how I. Jane Take a look at th new program Joe developed to help in your situation We understand and believe th can give you some peace and hope going forward Here you go: http://. /decion-point/ Faye I highly highly suggest that you talk to our Marriage Helper representative Johnny He will be able to tell you more about the options that we have to help you think about all of the things going on right now in your life We also have a five part video series (all online) called Decion Point It’s for exactly the situation that you are in right now First I would suggest you start by downloading th free e-book titled “How to Choose Between r and Spouse” You can download that here: http://. /decion-point-ebook/ You can contact Johnny directly at .8086 or at ll@ . It suggests four potential paths but only dcuss one path as though that automatically the right choice Please explain. Ed I understand the intense emotion that you feel for th woman I also know how in nearly every case these situations turn out You indicated you have a great deal of passion for the new woman and I don’t doubt that you do However it will not last in the same form it now It never does Passion always fades When it does people look around and wonder what happened…how they gave up so much for th new relationship that seemed to be the ideal…and how that beautiful dream evolved into a nightmare. I have been in with the same man for 15 years He hasn’t gotten h life together He no Prince Charming He has many flaws but I have came to except even the largest I have been married 3 years and I husband but I can’t him with whole heart and I often catch self holding him up to a standard he can’t achieve because he not the other man I don’t want to hurt him kids anyone but I am so unhappy I feel like th not where life suppose to be Your post terrified me and confirmed even more belief that I should just remain unhappy to save others from unhappiness Please. Good afternoon I am so sorry you are going through th We offer some online courses as well Have you looked into either the Marriage Recovery Series or the Save Marriage Course? Both would be excellent for you to do They are all online and can be done at your own pace Here are the links: Save Marriage Course- /savemarriage Marriage Recovery Series- /marriage-recovery-series Should I forward th article to husband? He has “feelings” for and considering leaving our marriage He lost and confused about what to do and I think th might help but if it comes from me it might be. I got married 1 and 6 months before telation with hubby good i m giving all the requied to him but i was awere dat m not in with but i was in with brother in law secreatly but 3 days ago we have confessed that we are attracted to each other now what should i do ? I cant. I been married 26 years We both married young I was 22 he was 25 On our wedding night we fought Since Dad was not around growing up I think husband was a father figure…many years later I meet a guy we just text for years Then I fell for him Just wondering why he doesn’t talk to me anymore Just were friends or was it more marriage to husband fighting all the time I think we grew apart overtime Don’t know what I should do Helpless… Nicole If you took the other man out of the picture as if you had never met then do you believe your marriage salvageable? If so then you need to work on your marriage I know there a lot of hurt and pain that has caused you to think negatively about him but people who are in with also tend to rewrite htory If you are rewriting htory then you could be making a huge mtake If your husband genuinely a good man doing a bad thing then th can work If you need help figuring that out then I highly suggest you check out th ebook on how to choose between r and spouse: http://. /decion-point-ebook/ Somehow we got on the subject of baseball Jeff asked me if would like to watch the game that night with him at a bar a few blocks from the office I really didn’t know what to say at first I would to go on a date with th handsome polite man But I get so nervous on first dates I’m also very cautious of guys only interested in paraplegic girls Being in a wheelchair we are a bit more vulnerable I always feel like dability just hanging out there Like I know men new to paraplegic girls want to ask me about dability But if I start offering information about dability or ask them about paraplegic girls they seem to get uncomfortable So I took a chance and just said yes That I would like to see him after work We made a meeting place and parted ways for the afternoon. You just described what I am going through exactly Th has helped me tremendously I’ve been so torn being married to 5 years and finding I connect with SO much that she feels more like “the one” than wife ever did But I see now th n’t the route to take no matter how tempting it The situation sucks because the. Fantastic story I have been an amazing woman she a paraplegic More importantly she a vibrant intelligent independent and freaking sexy woman The only sues have been own having never know let alone dated a paraplegic I had no idea when it came to physical contact….if I move her legs could I hurt her? I was completely clueless but between talking and testing……wow! We have been for a while now and things are fantastical There wonderful information on the Internet Thank you to everyone for sharing stories and experiences It’s funny how meeting the right person can change everything!! Kcco Here’s the thing about feelings: they always change True a decion not a feeling that won’t last based on what you feel would make you happy in that moment If you leave your ill wife and children to be with because you were focused on what would make you happy it a few weeks a few months or maybe a few years you would look back and deeply regret your decion You see you are in limerence It’s only attractive because the other person “hard to get” Once you have “gotten” her it will fade…and you won’t feel happy with her either You know what the right thing to do A man should take care of h family especially in their time of need If the feelings of are gone that’s not a problem We know how to rebuild and help you fall in all over again with your spouse. I rolled over to the side of the bed and picked up both leg braces laying them on the bed beside legs Using one hand I lifted leg from just above ankle I could feel the pantyhose under hand I wondered what it felt like for a woman that could feel her legs Wonder what it would feel like to have your legs wrapped in pantyhose Feeling them rub against each other under your skirt or what pantyhose felt like over your feet I guess I’ll never know I just enjoy the feeling that comes from hand I took other hand and laid the leg brace under leg Where I could place leg in the shiny steel cradle of the brace The strap under knee gets tightened first then above knee then. Back when I was 23 In 2009 I met to meeting him I had never really dated in the conventional sense I was a virgin saving self for marriage In 2010 he and I became engaged; Legally we were common law married But never officially married by a pastor The first two years of our relationship were great then he pushed me away and dumped me out of the blue I was heart broken Almost a month later he begged for me to return What I didn’t know was that he had cheated on me with a fake friend When I found out I was devastated If it wasn’t already a difficult situation I dcovered I was also pregnant So here I was betrayed pregnant and hormonal He just wanted me to get over it and be happy I couldn’t stop dwelling on pain/anger and reminded him of h mtake when ever I felt broken Which being pregnant made it all. Hi I’m 22 and recently got married to a 33 year old We’ve only known each other for 6 months I was in a relationship for 2 years with a sweet person but we were having problems The 33 year old stepped in and showed me a moment of happiness I took that feeling and ran with it because I haven’t felt that way in a long time However that was a big mtake! I was sold a dream and a fantasy I am having more problems than ever before I’m still in with ex… the feelings are mutual But I caused so much hurt and pain We were suppose to be getting married th year But I was so broken and so weak I’m not happy I need help I feel like I’m settling. I have been married for 5 yrs now… been with wife a total of 7 yrs and we 7 yr old twins Lets just say the twins where not planned about 5 yrs ago I reconnected with a ex girlfriend I used to date back when I was 13 She was married at the time to but we started to hook up We where in different states but i fell absolutely in with her We are across the country from each other and and in the last 4 yrs maybe have seen each other a hand full of times There has not been a day that goes by that I dont think of her and her of me wife amazing but I just dont have the for her that she has for me I have a great life but still feel like what if I left and started a life with th other person She divorced now The thing we are across the country from each other so who knows if it would work but I feel if I didnt try I might have msed something special I. I quickly dcovered he was cheating on me with a younger girl who had a trashy reputation He left us for her while I was still pregnant I didn’t talk to him for almost 2 years we went to court and I have full custody of kids That relationship with the mtress lasted just over a year she was messing around with a lot of guys It Would have ended sooner if she wasn’t still in school But the Long dtance dragged it out Hes claimed he whes he could do things over with me But says since I couldn’t forgive him the first time we will never work I’ve tried to show him and it breaks heart to see how he’s fallen He n’t a dad and doesn’t try to be He’s now fallen into a new limerence and would rather pursue th new relationship vs fixing things with h family Oscar while pleading does not work giving forgiveness and reminding your spouse of your for her a good thing to do We actually have a whole video series called Marriage Recovery that goes step by step through exactly what to do when your spouse has been involved in an affair but wants out of the marriage It extremely helpful and gives detailed advice. I husband but recently we have munderstandings we never agreed on anything he calling so much asking many questions he doesn’t trust me I have never cheated on her I don’t know what the problem then during th munderstandings I met he so caring loving throughout th thing with husband I’m falling in with him I don’t know what to do I don’t want to destroy marriage please help. I don’t think I noticed th consciously for a while It just kept happening But I think it had an effect on me Because as our marriage progressed I found self offering to help out around the house more and more And after each time there would be th look she would give me Th look of absolute One that was soft and so beautiful It took me longer than I care to admit to understand what was happening But eventually it became clear Through giving through doing things for wife the emotion that I had been so desperately seeking naturally came about It wasn’t something I could force just something that would come about as a result of giving In other words it was in the practicality that I found the I was looking for. I have to say I’ve never had a man touch me like th and help me with leg braces I was getting extremely turned on by watching h hands on thin flaccid legs and touching braces I asked if he would mind taking the upright part of the leg braces off of the shoes Then slide shoes off of feet I bit on bottom lip as he did so eagerly but gently I watched him slowly ease pumps off revealing left foot then smaller right foot He took a minute to study the difference in feet All the things I thought were a drawback in paraplegic girls dability spinal cord injury the wheelchair crutches and leg braces flaccid legs and crippled feet To Jeff these things are a bonus that regular girls dont come with He noted the nail polh on toes and rubbed feet for a few minutes I could tell he liked the feeling of feet in the pantyhose. I been married for 4 1/2 years and everything was ok until husband started drinking more and more He drinks everyday he’s controlling calls me names etc Its to the point I don’t or care anymore I met a single father of 2 kids that I’m google gaga for we haven’t talked much but by the way we look at each other says it all I don’t know what to we I also have. Hi I’ve been with kids father for 20 year.I have been seeing th guy for 7 months now I’m 38 and he’s 28 alot younger than me but he makes me feel wonderful I don’t want to let him go I don’t know what. Kenya I recommend that you head over to our podcasts section and lten to some of them We have quite a few that speak to what you are feeling and going through http://. /podcast/ I am a dabled person paralyses from lower part of body i live in wheelchair i always I’ve had problem attracting at age of 47 still remain single I married husband six years ago We became friends because he was socially marginalized and I’ve always been drawn to befriending the vulnerable I did not him at the time of marriage but decided to get married because (1) in the ten years preceding marriage parents had become increasingly derive about age and the need to settle down and (2) husband was the first man I slept with The Sunday-school girl in me felt tremendous guilt and thought marriage would appease. I have been in th situation a few years back I was and am happily married There was a co-worker who I fell in with We were very different people externally but our souls somehow knew each other I sometimes think I am a weird person having different values for self to what I have for other people When it comes to others I forgive easily and am ok with almost anything they do in their own lives But when it comes to live I have these set of values I grew up with that I impose on self (come from parents but others I have made up self based on what I think right or wrong) Anyways I was falling more and more in while not getting physically close in any way We never said a word to each other about having feelings But we both knew we had somehow got involved emotionally to the point where none of us could get out I later read that its called an emotional affair. I’m married for only four years now I met during temporary work assignment And we’ve been together for 3 months I came back to country and he stays in that country where we met Me and husband already have sues before i met him Now its making me more confuse husband a good man But i dont think i him anymore I’m so in with the guy I met I dont know what to do I also have 1 kid I need. First an affair with an ex even emotional a different animal it n’t about the newness its about something you either don’t bring to your husband or something about himself he n’t being true to when with you Find it and maybe it can help Don’t drop the midlife cr crap If you had said ‘transitioning to another phase of life’ it would be more believable We each move through three major phases in life If you aren’t feeling one and he …you are growing apart!. Ah! I am so sorry you are going through th We know how difficult your walk in th journey as well Please lten to th article on “limerence.” In addition I would encourage you to look into our Affair Toolkit/Marriage Recovery Series Hi I am 26 year old I have secretly married boy friend 4 years ago but its not known by anyone except few friends now things are not going well between us and I fall in with another guy who 2 year younger than me and I really feel happy with him our wavelength match in amazing way and we are from same community so there will be no sues if I will get marry with him in public… I m confused what I should do … I should try to find a way to settle hidden marriage or to. Donna You state that you are a “caretaker.” That can be a good thing It also can be a bad thing as you already know When your husband had the affair you stayed because you still saw primarily the good in him – what you call the “Prince Charming” feeling When it became clear that he selfh and that you had to take care of all the housework and hold two jobs just so he could pay alimony you allowed that to occur When you met the new man you see the troubles of h past and say that you cannot break it off because of your caretaker nature It doesn’t take a psychologt to see that you Donna very likely would benefit from learning how to and respect yourself If you WANT to hold two jobs to help out a man you that’s fine But you seem to indicate that you don’t want two jobs that you feel as if you are a slave and that you resent your husband’s selfhness. It’S time that we changed the conversation about It’s time that we redefine it Because until we do adultery will continue to be common less marriages Divorce Living Dney movies in our minds and tragedies in our lives An Update About Th Post: // Post by Pop Chassid

Kc could you tell me how you coped with it and by T6 complete what do you mean? Would to hear more. The valet at the restaurant couldn’t believe h eyes when he opened the car door The common public reaction to seeing a sexy handicapped girl one of confusion Many have trouble connecting the two sexy and handicapped They often look date up and down for signs of a dability Like they think you have to be dabled to be paraplegic girls I swung braced legs out and let the knee locks snap into place Jeff quickly came around with crutches and helped me to feet Jeff sternly pointed out to the valet how the wheelchair ramp was blocked with a sign that had fallen from the building I told them I could manage the four steps up to the entrance I was actually secretly excited that Jeff would get to see me conquer. There are plenty of men who would date a handicapped lady Eventually she dumped me :( Now she’s getting hit on by. I have have been married almost 4 years now We have had some ups and downs in our marriage but who doesn’t I can honestly say I have tried husband pretty good for the most part but has some emotional / controlling sues But there a persons who has been in and out of life since I was 10… He’s always been there a lot of htory emotionally and sexually He has come back into life and I truly believe that we are soul mates I him and want to be with him and he feels the same But he as well has sues And I am married I dunno what to do I am unhappy where I’m at and dunno how to tell Husband Ed we have a new program that may interest you It’s been designed for a spouse who’s been unfaithful and unsure what they should do next We hope you can check it out and we believe it can be extremely helpful to you Here’s the link: http://. /decion-point/ I needed to get panties and pantyhose on as I was still naked except for the towel He picked me up from the wheelchair like the night before and laid me on the bed He actually picked up the clothes I laid out and began dressing me! First the panties which he slid one foot at a time through them and pulled them up legs He stopped me when I tried to help and I couldn’t help but smile I laid back and let him lift bottom while h free hand pulled the panties around wat He took the black pantyhose and lifting one foot at a time pulled each stocking onto feet and legs and up to thighs where he had to lift bottom again. Hello: I have been married for 21 1/2 years 4 months ago I met at work and we hit it off right away Talk all the time It has escalated into the 2 of us “cuddling” at her house at least twice a week We have never had sex but we lay together naked in her bed and we do everything except for sex She says she doesn’t want to because I’m still married I accept that I want it bad and I believe she does too Here’s a wrench in th whole situation? She has a divorced single “close friend” that she does have sex with Hmm? She has told me that she wants to be married again as soon as possible but she’s in no hurry Mixed messages here? I am in with her but she only likes me right now Sometimes I want to break it off and sometimes I want to get a divorce and be with her Then I would have to join the Mormon church So confused. Hi I been living with spouse for two years now At first I d her with so much passion but now I don’t know where our spark went I mean I still her but I’m not really happy in marriage I’m staYing with her only because of son but other than that I’m not happy as I used to be heart right now with female bestfriend who I met 5 years ago but she lives on the other side of the country from me She has the same feelings for me as I do for her She also has a man and engaged but I figured if I meet her maybe I can change that and maybe we can be the couple we always talked about I really don’t know what. Dear Feeling Stuck… there a way I can message you via e-mail ? I am in the same boat and would like to converse with you if I may Thanks Elizabeth He slid pantyhose down both legs at once thin and pale they are As he was sliding feet out of the nylons I was already pulling panties down eager for him to enter me He was on top and had spread legs wide at first pulling them together around him as he came in at me He was lunging harder and harder It wasn’t long sex but I’ve never had better We moved together in furious rhythm Reaching orgasm at the same time both collapsing exhausted We lay laughing together for a long time talking about the act we had so passionately committed Jeff went to the bathroom to wash off I waited for him to finh and had him to bring me a towel for wheelchair I put the towel in the chair and slid over into it paralyzed legs followed Wrapping the towel around midsection I put feet in their rests Naked except for the towel I too washed off and returned to bed where we both slept Knowing soon we both would have to prepare. Mean while he told parents and things got worse In the process i felt he thinks more about himself than safety Anyway i moved out of the house to see if dtance might work.I am very happy being single again i have freedom and in with th person with whom i work We totally enjoy each others company we too fight but we resolve everything immediately Now husband realizes h mtake often comes to meet me brings me flower He said he was very happy with me because he he feels comfortable with me and was very happy in our marriage but i felt exactly opposite in front of him He wanted me to come back and wanted to work out things between now understands me and wanted to keep me happy He seems very sad and i feel extremely bad for him i feel guilty and very selfh People say after hearing reasons that they are not so major and such things happens in a marriage i m not saying it was all bad but i was. Hey Pam I also live in Fort Wayne south side in the Waynedale area I would really like to get to know you but don’t know how to communicate with you I don’t know th site well so don’t know how to get you info If there a way I would really like to get to meet you and at least have a friend Tim Well i m in a huge huge bubble i just got married July i have been married for 3 months now long story short i cheated on then boyfriend who now husband i fell in with whom he knows but no they are not friends but know of each other i am still in with him i messed up big time i gave th man a child baby was born in august he 2 months old i know he rs child he looks just like him and when i got pregnant then boyfriend and i had major sues we never touched each other and if we did it was every now and then thing he n’t aware of th secret and its eating me up inside i got married praying hoping it would be for husband when baby was born i took one look at him and knew who h father well r going crazy that i gave him h only son and cant be with him i don’t know what to do all i know im preparing self for divorce and losing custody of children Husband starting talking to an acquaintance from high school in Feb 2014 It has quickly escalated into an emotional affair they are on facebook day and night She jealous of me yet when I try to make them see each other (she lives 6 hours away and married too) Unhappily supposedly she told husband he her soul mate sends him inspirational messages everyday husband says he in with her but s me and never intended to leave She says it would tear her heart apart if he left h children I dont know what to do She says she a woman of Jesus on her Facebook She wont let him go husband says he s me but wont look me in the eye and yes we still have sex He used to be such a good man Please I need advice They won’t stop He also going thru midlife. What if the person you’ve fallen in with the right one? I see a lot of advice here about how to make your marriage work but what if the feelings are long gone and your only there because of your belief systems I saw parents in a less relationship for 32 years it had more of an impact on me seeing them together when they obviously didn’t want to be Please help really confused I’ve been married 4 years We’ve had our sues but nothing too too dramatic I started a new job and met She married as well and we started talking as friends but it quickly grew into more I am deeply in with her & constantly think about being with her I changed jobs again to keep from creating any sues at the work place in case things went south Her husband found out she was having an affair & they agreed to work it out but I still see her just not as often wife recently became pregnant as well but i still want to be with with the other woman Please help Stop all contact immediately While you may not see all of the negative consequences that can occur from th we deal with people who have destroyed their lives every month at our Marriage Helper 911 workshop by doing th I am sure that they would all tell you the exact same thing The fact that you already have doubts about it on th side of things shows that you know it wrong and you shouldn’t do it Don’t Think about your children You can make the grow back with your wife (and we can help you do that) but you can never undo the damage that you will cause your children Quit your job Delete every method of contacting. I’m caught in a difficult situation and not sure what would be a sustainable solution… husband and I have been married for over 7 years have two pretty fun and amazing kids Overall he’s a good person a good dad but I’m just not attract to him we’re eleven years apart When we got married I was 25 and he was 36 At that point in life I don’t think i was mature enough to know what i wanted in life Then at age 27 I had first child and career certainly took a slow down After the 2nd child I was trying to regain the momentum in career and headed to the graduate school He’s been supportive in the process. Lindsey You are really vacillating between your r and your spouse There are a lot of things that you desperately need to consider and look at before making any decion In fact we have a free e-book that might help you out some You can download it here: http://. /decion-point-ebook/ I met 4 years now We both worked at the same company however everything you would want in a man he does We both fell in however he married for two yrs & with h wife for 8 yrs They have rough roads & he currently thinking of a divorce You see our goals in life are the same career family we business we & life However h wife & him are on opposite paths He breaking it slowly to h wife about a divorce however I am wondering if i am doing the correct thing I would not want to wreck home to. But I just don’t seem to be able to let th guy go The only msing thing I see the “other” guy fulfilling passion he stimulates me intellectually challenges me and inspires me to be a better person I have started to have the scary feeling that I married husband because of memories of how passionate our relationship in high school was and now that we are adults it like a really nice friendship partnership or even more dturbing as brother/ster relationship relationship with husband in high school fulfills all of the feelings you stated in your article •“I’ve never been d like th.” •“No one understands me as well as he/she does.” •“Th the person I was meant to be with.” •“I can’t explain how th feels because I don’t think anyone can understand it It’s intense Amazing Wonderful.” Hey Joe I that it seems you seen your affair as a big nono….so did you leave the other women alone and fully commit back to. I’Ve noticed before that people like to stare Especially men paraplegic girls They like to see how a handicapped girl moves her legs with her hands getting out of a car and things like that Sometimes when I know I have an audience I put on a little show I struggle a little more than I really have to Not th time After the man noticed red face he quickly looked away fumbling around reaching for shoe He handed the shoe to me awkwardly He looked so cute now blushing just as much as I was I thanked him and pulled leg up by lifting under one knee Th makes foot point down I hooked toes with the shoe and pulled it onto the heel of foot He introduced himself as Jeff We both made our apologies and started talking about where we were going what our jobs were who we knew and things. Work with thousands of married couples in cr indicates that th exactly the case Relationship affairs – as opposed to the one-night-stand type of affairs that are wholly about sex and not at all about relationship – usually find root in a person’s feeling und unaccepted dliked and/or drespected That doesn’t mean that the person necessarily went looking for affirmation and validation from However when it came it captured h/her heart and they fell in with If you suspect your spouse of having an affair take the Affair Test after reading th article to get a good idea if your fears are justified. Hi! I’m in very similar situation like many here in with another man while being married… I’m not tempted to leave or tell husband about situation he’s a good man and I can live life th way no problem at all… I have other problem I think th problem wasn’t featured here – first emotional affair consequences… And second do I have the right to push husband live with me – in case – he will be in shoes some time in h life ?? Respectively what if he falls in with and figure out that he doesn’t want continue less relationship. You’ve been married 11 years Your husband doesn’t deserve th Your children don’t deserve th And if you left your husband to be with the other man you would eventually resent the fact that he didn’t live up to h Chrtian values…and it wouldn’t be unheard of for the same thing to happen again…but with you being the wife he leaves. Oh wow didn’t you read th article? You’ve been married for 15 years so you’re probably in your 30’s or 40’s So you’re old enough to have lived life Imagine the first girl you ever d – how your emotions were so strong And then over time Meh Then the next Meh Then the next Got old and boring Surely you have enough wdom in your years to step back and recognize the emotional state New feelings are strong They are fresh Exciting NEW It’s that new thing you experience and after a while you get to know it and it’s not so exciting anymore Here are suggestions: 1 Recognize th emotional state I mentioned and that th article mentioned Look back over your life See how it was common From what you wrote you don’t even know th online fling you’ve started with and if that’s the case you’ve created her to be what you want her. And by the way I’m in 30’s never been married no kids but. Why did you never tell other people about your marriage? Just because it hidden does not mean it didn’t happen It would be best to work on your marriage. Follow Me One time I shifted under the table and moved leg out just far enough for him to feel brace against h leg I saw h cheeks blush and gave him a little smile I quietly reassured him that I was okay with him touching the braces and that I admired him very much I even pushed chair in a little where the pad on the knee was rubbing the inside of h thigh We sat like th through dinner and through our second bottle of wine by the time the check came Jeff kept h hand around wat as we made our way outside and down those steps to the car Jeff took crutches without asking and I pulled legs into. What can a do been married 30 years and looked after dabled daughter all life husband to busy working never has gave me any attention so a met a guy a liked and then it turned physical and now am in with him don’t want to hurt husband but a don’t sleep with him nor do a him a think current relationship a habit not a marriage Each possibility carries consequences Short-term consequences and long-term consequences If you choose short-term you may decide to end your marriage for your r The intensity of your present emotions may make that the choice that seems most likely to make you happy However there are long-term consequences that will come with that choice Consequences involving your family your children your friends your religion your personal beliefs and values and your spouse If you think that being with your r more than makes up for any difficulties in these areas you aren’t alone Nearly everyone who makes that decion figures that because of they are deeply in with everything balances out in the end Unfortunately it rarely if ever turns out. Donna We understand that there something that has kept you with th man when it seems he not necessarily your type If you want to better understand your situation and the appropriate steps you can take to end th relationship and fall in with your husband again I will give you two options we have for couples like the two of you: Our 3 day workshop for marriages in cr phenomenal and has a 75% success rate even when one spouse ‘madly in ’ with You can find more information here – I’m married but have been Involved with a female that I deeply We both share the same passions and we have a friendship like none other I wife but I think that we are going different ways and we clash a lot I’m soooo much happier with best friend I am sooooo lost!!! I easily forgive and that’s why I forgave him even though everyone tell me he a bad news and I should never be h friend I don’t see it th way and he truly good and he know he made a mtake and I having him in life Most people know him from me speaking of him so I can’t count on those to be fair I know I will not make a mtake but I want to ensure he doesn’t live h life unhappy I know he can have it all! Can you help ? We are not in USA and come from Indian/Turkh background Hello! Thank you for sharing with us! Here an article that may touch base on what you’re going through /how-to-get-over-limerence Being in a wheelchair aint no fun but if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything considered I too have a muscle dease classed as IHB2 its degenerative but wont kill me finding a woman somewhat harder than what i am used to but one must try persevere and fingers crossed it may happen… I have been with husband for about 10 years Although I him he treats me very poorly Some may say abusive or bordering on abusive I talked to friend a few months ago looking for support and they were also going through a really difficult time in their marriage I have not done anything but definitely have come to really care about th man We built a really strong connection and talk every day We have not been physical but have talked about wanting to just know we can’t I care about th person so much b and I am also so unhappy in current situation I know nothing can really happen but I am. He Began undoing the straps on calf and leaned in just far enough to ks me when he reached up skirt for the thigh band One hand was caressing leg as the other took the thigh band apart the whole time ksing me more and more intently After the leg brace was loose around leg he picked leg up letting the foot dangle Placing the brace on the floor he moved in closer gently pushing shoulder I realized I was awfully tensed up and relaxed back on. Husband a good person I respect h strong sense of honor and responsibility Unfortunately he’s also very pessimtic I’ve joked with him that if the optimt says the glass half and the pessimt says the glass half empty husband will say “the glass half-empty there are fingerprints on the glass both the water and the glass cost too much the light in the room too dim that you can’t see the water clearly and in any case the water probably tastes terrible because the world overpopulated and humanity has been polluting the streams for thousands. Ryan I understand how you feel but that usually n’t the case There no perfect relationship…every marriage has its own unique set of obstacles Many people leave their husbands or their wives because stronger feelings pull them to another relationship…but when they get to that other relationship the majority of the time it ends very badly We have some great tools and programs on our website for situations just like yours Don’t give up on your marriage yet…you don’t see the train wreck that could come of it now but we have seen it at Marriage Helper thousands. Paralyzed and lusting heavily r took control H willingness to paraplegic girls was about to pay off We were ready to shift up a gear to sex with paraplegic girls He rolled me over wrapping legs around h wat where I would be comfortable I tugged h belt off unfastened the front of h bulging pants and pulled him hard against naked breasts He was huge now fully erect I slid h pants and shorts off h wat He pulled and kicked them the rest of the way off and began pulling at the wat of pantyhose. Our dinner date the next evening couldn’t come fast enough He dropped by office around lunch on h way to a meeting to say hi and to make sure he was still picking me up at 7:30 That day I was in wheelchair wearing leg braces as usual I couldn’t help but notice h glancing eyes when he came in office I was wearing a longer skirt around mid-calf so he could only see a little of braces and black three inch high heels I was still curious about h exact intension paraplegic girls. What you are experiencing classic limerence You are rewriting htory saying that you have never felt a like th before You have only been involved in th affair for three months You won’t believe it but limerence doesn’t last You read the article above and you know what it says happens I know you want to believe that you are the exception Everyone wants to believe that they are the exception Unfortunately no one I for one am glad your husband n’t leaving He s you He trying to stand and fight for your marriage One day you’ll be glad. You weren’t having a relationship affair It sounds like you were having what would be classified as a “one-night stand” Even if it lasted longer than one night it was primarily about sex That’s different than a relationship affair You can type in one night stand in the search bar on our site to get more articles about that specifically. I was broken and fragile and just in the worst times and he didn’t see best interest and just told me how he feels In a way h made be heal better but it also hurt me a lot We were platonic not even flirting but the comfort and level of connection we had made me feel bad I told him we have to face it th NOT good I know we did nothing wrong but say: I you but that can make “everything I feel for him wrong” and I can’t do it to self He also was regretting telling me. Don’t GIVE UP YOUR FAMILY tRUST ME THE GRASS NOT GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE YOU NEED TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR WIFE USE THE MANY RESOUCES TH SIGHT HAS GET HELP YOUR WIFE AND YOUR FAMILY ARE WORTH EVERYTHING No wonder you fell “hard” for the new man Yet you say that the reason you cannot break it off with him because you feel a need to take care of him It seems that you suspect that your major attraction to the new man not just to find freedom from what you have but perhaps another chance to rescue another troubled man Actually both of those motivations will work against you in the long run First if you went with the new man just to escape the husband you may well wake up one day to realize that you weren’t so much drawn to the new man for who or what he but for what he represented to you Freedom BUT you already sense that h past struggles may not mean freedom at all It may be that you move from the proverbial frying pan into. Marriage of 29 years has never been the marriage that I dreamed of I find self to be more of a father-figure to wife than that of a husband I have never liked th role wife and I have had many dcussions about th before For all these years I have just accepted the way things are I can’t accept it anymore I met a lady online 8 months ago She seemed really nice and intelligent We have been really good friends and can talk about anything We have shared so much between us and it has turned out to be a beautiful friendship For that I am very grateful! But in the last month a very strong attraction of ‘more than friends’ between us have developed; we have been having an emotional affair She seems to be a perfect match for me and she everything that wife not We are supposed to meet in person for a few drinks soon While in school I met th other person who also has two little kids A bond was very quickly developed between us and I knew he welcomed it H wife a really good person and mother I’m not really sure where he stands in h marriage but I do know he’s been a bit frustrated with h career outlook since the graduate school more a of switch of career. I d a women who now wife but even before I got married I felt that something wrong and that she not the women that I want but I don’t know why I kept going and married her but I guess I didn’t want to brake her heart and now after marriage the situation got worst even in the early days of the marriage I felt that I married the wrong women and I tried to find anything that may make me her but day after day I felt that I’m stuck and I made a big mtake by marring her and to her kept deceasing Unfortunately we had a baby and now he 1 year and half old And I felt that now there no turning back until the day came when I met a colleague who I got attracted to I d everything about her I felt that she type but I tried not to make that affect current situation until the day came when I told her that I her and it turned out that she also s me in secret since I’m married. After spending 28 years not being able to walk sometimes I can’t actually believe it’s legs I’m standing on Showered and dressed in bra pantyhose and leg braces I can stand to wiggle into that tight black dress I know it will make Jeff’s eyes pop! I can stand without crutches as long as I have something to balance self on I just can’t take any steps without crutches So I balance against the dresser and lean the crutches against the bed I pull the dress over head and around body smoothing out the soft fabric and letting it fall just above knees There’s a slit in the side that almost exposes the very top of braces and probably will once I sit down somewhere After a few looks in the mirror I decided I was ready for the evening date and crutched it back to wheelchair I told you paraplegic girls go to a lot of trouble. Hello have you looked into Decion Point Course? I believe it would truly be amazing. Hello name Audra & I work for Marriage Helper First off I want to thank you for your transparency Second off I want to commend you for trying to work on your marriage after the affair We understand how you feel Have you read any of our articles on limerence? I would strongly suggest reading those so you understand what you are going through In addition I would encourage you to read th article >> /cope-loss It links to a podcast that would help you as well Th article/podcast will help you deal with the feelings you have for the other man We also offer a program called The Affair Toolkit- th would be a great place for you to start If you can come to our 3 day workshop that would be even better If you have any questions please call. Yup just like me Fernando!! In case i keep on talking to th beautiful woman i found every day she calls me i get all excited like a little boy i decided to just let fate and destiny decide i cannot just leave wife for another woman; that would not be right i actually thought about making wife hate me on purpose so that she would be the one to call the marriage off and i would be free to be with new … i dont know crazy thoughts… like you said be strong! You already know h weaknesses and strengths You see mostly the good in the new man yet your statements indicate that there a nagging in the back of your brain that being with him would present another set of problems that may be worse than what you have now Rather than hoping the new relationship will help you find happiness I strongly urge you to move away from that man – yes I know it will be difficult and that you are so much needing affirmation that you would feel great pain if you stop seeing him – and find the help to get you where you need to be with yourself Though I am not a prophet I fear that if you continue with the new r your self-esteem and need to feel d for who you are rather than what you do will become even a greater problem and happiness will elude you for years. Hello I’m married for two years,Together for 14years I have started a new relationship with a family friend that Husband doesn’t know Its seems like every thing perfect We like all the same things I’m self when around r husband argues all the time and don’t put me first at all He never wants to do anything He says that he tired from work all the time He has physically hit me r has told me that he wants to marry me as well as want me to have a child for him I already have two children with husband husband has left our home But comes there everyday It’s been two days… Because we had an dagreement – he doesn’t know new relationship with r… What should. I sat staring at dabled legs in braces wondering how the events of the evening would go I heard the knock at door I had been waiting on I turned wheelchair and headed for the door When I got to the door I invited Jeff in the door was open He entered looking great and holding flowers He immediately complimented me on choice of dress It’s like th guy swallowed the book on paraplegic girls I retreated to the kitchen with the flowers for a vase as he sat down in the living room We made typical small talk about work that day while I tended to the flowers Then I went to the bedroom for crutches and returned to Jeff swinging legs a little slower than usual and dragging that left leg a little more than usual I had already decided that I wanted to put on a good show for Jeff He would see just how crippled I really am a kind of acid test to sort the men from. If you are not able to join us for one of the workshops we also have a new five part video series called Decion Point for spouses who have been unfaithful You can find out more about th here – http://. /decion-point/ I hope th helps – spencer When I use wheelchair I don’t need a pair of shoes with a build-up There’s no reason to and it’s hardly noticeable The footrests on chair are in the middle and close together The right footrest plate just a little higher to make up the difference in leg length I was on the way to the file room when I took a corner too fast and actually ran into th very handsome man in a suit I was so embarrassed! Not so much because I ran into him but when I did right foot actually came off the footrest knocking. Nicky there seems to be a lot going on I can’t address all the sues in th post but I would recommend that you call and speak with our Marriage Helper representative You can reach him at 615-636-8086 H name Johnny and he would to speak with your more about what we can offer. Caroyn You have only recently left your husband It too soon to start a ‘relationship’ With th man You need to get to know yourself without that dtraction first If you are meant to be with you it will happen You don’t even know iff th man feels the same It a fantasy at the moment A dtraction from your unhappy marriage Reality with him would be different from the imagination All the. Ellen I know you feel that your situation unique However nearly every month we have in our workshop who landed in an affair because h position as a pastor left him vulnerable to such an interaction Th no different In fact since both of you are Chrtians it very well may be that both of you are saying “God led us to each other!” Your feelings are overshadowing what you know right and wrong God would never lead two people into a situation and set them up for sin It’s far from God…th more the workings of Satan He s taking people in positions of authority in churches and exposing their weaknesses in hopes of taking people away from Chrtianity Please I beg you don’t fall into th We’ve seen it too. He also has deep insecurities In the seven years I’ve known him he hasn’t had any friends In time I’ve also become increasingly olated because I’m embarrassed to take him to events He will not undertake any potentially confrontational tasks such as car purchasing mortgage dcussions utility connections tax filings or anything that involves third parties He will however want to thoroughly debrief the matter after I’ve reached a resolution and offer a critique solution H insecurities may also contribute to performance anxiety but we have a sexless marriage no kids and he believes mid-thirties are too old to have. I am from Nigeria I have been married for 6years and have known him for 12 years we have 3 met th guy we have a lot in common we chat into the night and can chat for hours I think about him all the time we have never talked anything sexual between the both of but I can see the attachment he married too with. Pc as much as it hurts the fact that your r moved on to new probably not just because you wouldn’t leave your wife and son She probably would have moved on to new even if you had I am sorry if that seems harsh but we have seen it time and time again I applaud you for staying in your marriage even when you didn’t want to and even if it was only because of your son It may seem cliche at th point but it not too late to make your marriage stronger and healthier and start treating each other with respect. Th morning was almost as exciting as last night I got to do something I’ve never done before Jeff had a change of clothes in h car which he got while I was bathing While he showered I went about getting ready as usual I chose outfit for the day: Red skirt and black top jet-black pantyhose and the same black pumps from the night before I retrieved braces and heels from the front room using wheelchair As I was returning to the bedroom Jeff came in H hair wet and oh so sexy fresh from the shower He took leg braces and put them on the bed for me asking if he could put them on Wow I thought of course I didn’t mind I was excited by the idea I had to keep reminding self Jeff was actually new to paraplegic girls I had to take things slowly. I use the wheelchair at home even if I’m wearing the braces It’s just easier and it keeps hands free Since the one footrest a little higher for shorter leg and I was now wearing braces with the built up shoe on that foot right leg sits up higher than left I like to cross right leg over left which I did of course by picking the right leg up and pulling it over the left I took notice of the slit in dress when I did that to see just how much of leg was exposed I could see to just under the thigh strap of brace perfect I grinned It should be just enough to get Jeff wanting to see more I was very keen to make h first time paraplegic girls enjoyable. We get to see each other 2-3 days a week and we enjoy each others company We relate to each other and can hold conversations that are meaning full We both are wanting more but we respect that we are both married and it would cause major problems I don’t want to be the cause for hurting her and her family and she the same for me She don’t want to be the reason and I don’t want to be the reason We are falling for each other every day and their not a day that goes by that we don’t talk even if it just for a little bit Thanks for. Legs are very thin and flaccid but I still think of self as attractive even sexy I’ve have long flowing hair over a pretty face and large breasts over a tiny wat ample breasts are best feature so I like to show them off a little with a tight blouse Most men say I’m attractive but are not interested in paraplegic girls or wheelchair girls in general I guess it’s just hard for some men to commit to a relationship with a handicapped girl Most of the reasons I have been given for not paraplegic girls are based on false beliefs. Hi Reading all the comments has been extremely useful thank you for that already Hope you can provide some advice for case as well I am not yet married but am thinking about doing it with bf He s me a lot and sees the rest of our lives together He would like to have kids etc I like him very rationally – he age liked by parents & friends earns similarly as I and from very similar background All in all rationally thinking I have never met who would make such a logical match for me As for feelings – I like him and that’s it I know how romances go away and don’t find it necessary to the person I’m going to marry Sex average yet everything stable – I know that it shouldnt get worse There has been no change in attitude for several years already. Elizabeth you are trying to justify your relationship with your r by saying things like “neither of us have ever been with anyone but our spouses.” I can tell that deep down you are torn As much as you try to justify it there’s part of you that feels guilty and knows that it wrong Can I suggest that you read th article on “I’m Married but in with ” I know that our Decion Point video series would be incredibly helpful for you. Jane One of the hardest yet most crucial aspects of life we learn that you sometimes have to let go of one thing to have another I thought about getting wheelchair first so I wouldn’t be totally helpless after braces were off but then thought better or it Jeff had gotten th far perhaps he would like carrying me to bedroom I sat on the couch with legs straight out in front of me with feet resting on the floor I instructed Jeff to move skirt to the side and unlock knees so legs would bend in He released the locks and pulled the lower parts of legs in toward the couch He was fast becoming an expert at paraplegic girls. Wow… same exact problem as me except for the intimacy part Are you that same woman i have found just a few months ago? :o) I am of a different religion and culture than she just like you but i can honestly say i her i cannot go a day without hearing her voice i swear it. Hello boyfriend was in an accident two months ago and a T6 complete Th story was really amazing for me to read Thanks for the insperational story! If you wh to learn how to overcome the deep emotion you currently feel for your r and find the way to have a fulfilling marriage with your mate we can help Our success rate over the last decade more than 75% for those who attend our workshop in Nashville TN We’ll do all we can to help you have the best future One that full of rather than regret Please get more information by completing the form below or by calling us at (866) 903-0990 .create({ portalId: '2269610' formId: '40efb34f-f123-4685-b940-08264a95cfd6' }); Life has been one that has been controlled by fear and loneliness I have always felt und and unwanted and fear of being alone has lead me into many relationships I crave being talked to I crave the intimacy of conversation and time spent together When I first dated wife all the red flags were flying in mind She extremely introverted and damaged psychologically I was extremely lonely in the period but married her because we had become sexually active and I was fearful no one would ever come to really me for who. For the time being I’m being the ‘honourable’ wife (although I do not see pretence as something honourable) I will sacrifice ‘possible of the life’ and then bang time will come he will fall in – and will tell me goodbye… At least he will be honest and for the right reason and who could blame him ?? Thirdly those people who outside the marriage are actually robbing partner of the essence of marriage that ! While also not giving their partner a chance to actually re-marry who will them back! And I have difficulty to comprehend what good it does to children – apart to teach them the same doomed/pretentious ways – stay in less relationship and count it normal or even compulsory! I feel incredibly torn because I don’t know how and where th would take us after the program over do we just stay as good friends living in separate states? do we just wait and see if the feelings will fade since we won’t be able to see each other much after the program? I know I’m going to ms him terribly but our lives probably won’t overlap again he’s going to leave a void in life that I wouldn’t know how to fulfill. He gives me all that I’ve dreamed of since teens and even though I’ve had relationships before marriage and flings after I’ve never felt th way For example I’ve dreamed of having a romantic dinner with the sunset in the background and it’s never happened even though I’ve told husband But recently without me even telling th other guy took me for dinner exactly as imagination! It was perfect So : th story… please give me. Thank you Krti for that very beautiful and inspirational story It seems that “your guy” was indeed seeing you for yourself not as who was limited by a wheelchair braces and crutches. Wow! I’m 18 and have a muscle dease which causes me to be in a wheelchair I’ve been wanting to find who looks past dability but have been unsuccessful I have regained hope after reading th that not all guys are shallow Thanks :) Thank you for sharing your story with us Derrick You & your wife should look into our workshop It a WONDERFUL opportunity for you to learn about yourselves as individuals and yourselves as husband/wife Try reading th article and see if it offers you any insight on what you’re experiencing /how-to-get-over-limerence Krti Eden says in the story that her right leg shorter but the picture above clearly shows that the left leg shorter. Therefore rather than moving to the “mess” you say will come if you leave your current husband for the other man find the help to focus on your own well being that exts whether there for you to take care of or not When you learn to you you very likely will stand up to your current selfh husband and be strong enough to stop working two jobs and no longer be a slave to support h selfhness I can’t imagine a bigger lie And I’m saddened to think about how much those messages bounced around in head for so long And how much I’m sure those messages are bouncing around in other people’s heads as well I think that might be a big part of the reason the divorce rate so high in th country Imagine a whole nation of people constantly chasing the emotions they had when they were A country of people trying to live a Dney movie That’s a recipe for dastrous marriages; for a country with a 50% divorce rate; for adultery (the classic attempt to turn the fire back on); for people who do stay together to simply live functional less marriages It’s sad to see just how common all the above How many people are in pain simply because they’ve been lied to Those people deserve better We all deserve better. I have worked with coworker for 12 years and I have been married for 11 yrs to husband Out of those 12 yrs coworker and i have had a relationship for 5 yrs The problem that I have fallen in with coworker We have been through it all together But husband the perfect man and has not done anything wrong I’m so confused because I don’t know who to choose. You probably never meant for it to happen It’s not as if you went looking for a r However once you fell in with other than your spouse things got rather intense You’re already in what some refer to as an emotional affair Perhaps you’ve gone further and the relationship has turned physical HOW DID IT HAPPEN? It may be difficult for you to know exactly how you got into th situation Some are honest enough with themselves that they know step-by-step how everything came to be as it now Others have more difficulty their mind confused because what they are doing so contrary to what they believe and value Some feel that God sent them their soul mate Others blame it on their spouse’s actions or lack of actions. Not having any feeling in legs or feet I didn’t know shoe was off until I noticed the man kept looking down I looked too and could see the pink polh on toenails through tan pantyhose Now most everyone has seen legs of course but I realized at that moment no one at work has ever seen bare feet They are so limp and thin I was really was embarrassed Th man had to see me pick leg up with hands and get foot back on the footrest of the wheelchair. Hi Maria- have you looked into Dr Beam’s. You have four potential paths before you: 1 Stay in your marriage while continuing a relationship with your r 2 Leave your marriage for your r 3 End the affair yourself (see “How To Confess An Affair Without Losing Your Spouse”) 4 Or your r. I am a para wife crossed over in 2001 and she was a wonderful woman She stood by me when I was shot went through PT and never thought of me as dabled I am very active I to travel I live alone and life God has blessed me in so many ways I can only be happy I would like to meet a girl para It gets lonely living alone I have a lot of friends but I want that special in life Everything works if you get drift legs are too weak for me to walk so I use a power chair I have tried so many sites and came up empty I did date a para once and it was so good to be with who got me and I got her to It was great and would have grown into something more but I moved and as they say life must go on I am a prankster and life I never meet a stranger. I got married to a woman without 2 weeks after we agreed to date while in with some its now 4yrs in marriage and i am still in with the other person Our marriage has been on the rocks eversince we got married thought by now things would be okay but tgey are not I no longer know what to do cause even when we being intimate i see the. Now we live separately due to work and I feel our futures are going separate ways degree qualifications and language skill limit me to working overseas I am unqualified to work in the US and even if I were I refuse to because life much better for me here (healthcare etc.) wife had planned on getting a degree and acquiring the language skill to work here with me but that fell through and she cannot work here and I will not be able to support her on one salary When she vited for a month I could tell she really didn’t like it here as much as I did and she was quite irritable (it doesn’t help that there a lot of hatred between her home country and the country in which I currently live) Her family recently opened a business in hometown and that’s where she’s working now future here overseas and her future back home with her family store Save name email and website in th browser for the next time I comment I am having a very hard time of going from one end of the desirable scale to the other virtually overnight ego shot to bits as I am constantly passed over Imagine having hounding you to get together but they have failed to read the profile When they finally learn I am in a wheelchair they suddenly do a fast reverse as they run for the hills The reality of the situation I am still able to do most everything I did before I downhill ski enjoy water access only cottage I drive car I work I still crave all the emotional and physical needs we all want – Little Lady 57 on paraplegic girls. I am in the same situation I’m separated from wife of 8 yrs and our marriage has been rocky for years I met th girl who 18 yrs younger than me and I am starting to fall for her I know that me and wife can work th out but we have seperated so much and I’m tired of it and want to either make it work or let it go and go on with life and be with th girl the new girl has a lot of energy and goals and dreams and knows what she wants wife who the same age as me just wants to do nothing more with her life but just live mediocre and that’s it I’m not like that and want more and so does th girl wife has contacted her ex bf and I just found out last week she contacted him in the past and and seems to not let him go she claims to never go back to her past but I see otherwe and I’m tired of it I’m just afraid of starting over again and afraid that If I leave for good o might regret the future I would have. Hello I have been married for 6 years been together for 9 I recently found outside marriage I never thought th would happen but I feel like I’m deeply in with th person we share things in common wife and I never have and have been feeling th way for almost 8 months about eachother now I have been debating ending marriage and presueing th new person cause I feel like I them more than I have ever d anyone almost like I’m in for real for the first time I’m very scared and not sure what to do I don’t want to hurt wife I her but feel I’m no longer in I’ve said I you to the new person and it feels very real I hope you may be able to open eyes to things I may be blind to and maybe help me figure th thing out I feel very torn heart pulling out of marriage but I want it to be real thanks for taking the time to read th I look forward to your comment. Please call us at (866) 903-0990 so we can help Thanks! I have been married for 29 years He has grown close with a friend that a girl He does not want to have a sexual relationship with her but just a friendship but he likes to be with her when ever possible We have talked about it I have agreed friendship okay Lunch once in a while okay- but anything off limits I do not want to share h heart with anyone At th point in time it’s either except th or I don’t have him He s me but I am pretty sure he s her to I have no idea what to do th possible or am I stupid! Hi please call us at 615-472-1161 so we can tell you about our resources and how we. Don’t do it !!! Talk to your wife and maybe you can work it out together 15 years a very long time You guys both have to work at it If you have a physical connection with th women you will ruin your family and make yourself more confuse Nothing not good forever you will come across other problems with th other women once you really get to know her You were once in with your wife and probably still her but not in Give your family a chance Cut ties with that woman and focus on your family and exerce maybe join a gym with your wife find the spark that was once there If you are ready to fully go Think about th are you ready to see your wife with loving her and. Hi im single and im into an affair with a married man for more than a year H wife a seafarer and always away for 11years She comes home every 10months and would stay 7weeks and leave again for work They have 3kids I guess the girl with onboard also I wanted to be with the man for good What the best thing to do. I am a 38 year old women who has been married for almost 11 years I just recently started cheating on husband for about 4 months now marriage really sucks He never home and s running the streets with friends and social clubs He always tend to look over me and the children The man I’m dealing with now I have known for some years We use to date but lost contact with one another Deep down inside I want marriage to work but don’t know what to do I’m stressed and losing patients with husband The man I’m cheating with also married so I know th nothing but an affair He keeps telling me if he wasn’t married he would be with me What am I to do PleasE help I have been married for ten years husband and I have had many sues in our marriage For the last three years I have connected with a man I met when I was 15 years old I talk to him everyday on fb I have fallen madly in with him He lives in Boston and me Toronto I often fall asleep thinking of him The problem I’m married and I have a daughter who s her dad much I feel so stuck and just want. I Now felt Jeff was very comfotable with paraplegic girls I whpered to him to carry me down the hall to the bed and with much pleasure he did just that One hand around wat the other under knees letting legs fall where they wanted he carried me down the hall to bedroom He moved wheelchair with h leg so he could place me on the bed then fell on top of me He pulled skirt off first sliding it slowly down nylon-clad legs and letting slip under feet and off to the floor We rolled in the bed a little longer me just in hose and panties underneath now which were becoming more wet with every minute. Hi I’ve been married to husband for almost 4 years and we dated for nearly 15 years before we married I always wanted to get married but he was never ready for marriage until after I made physical changes to body I fell in with during one of our many break ups Even though I married him I never let go of th other person and soon after I married husband I started having an affair with th other man I do husband but now I feel like I jumped on getting married when he finally wanted to! I believe he finally wanted to marry me cause he knew I would soon be snatched by with new confidence in self Now I’m contemplating divorce ? I’ve become very depressed to the point I would rather take sleep aids to avoid husband and it’s making me sick I’m unhappy with the person he’s become in our relationship I feel like I made a huge mtake! it worth considering counseling? I’ve been married for 8 years with husband total 13 years I’ve made a lot mtakes to hurt him but was never intention to do so However I have a best friend who I’ve known for 8 years also – he was one of former “affairs” but he and I remained friends after I worked things and went back with husband and ironic it may seem friend and husband are good friends today and he’s part of our family life as well as our children. I told Jeff I needed him to hold one of crutches and stand behind me in case I slipped With left crutch on the first step and right hand on the handrail I pushed against the crutch and let legs drag behind me up onto the step right leg came first as usual and then left I had to twt body a little to get left foot over the step I could then stand to move crutch to the second step I took the steps slowly giving Jeff plenty of time to see the braces through the slit in skirt and enjoy struggling up the steps I made it to the door fine where the doorman held the door for. Please call us at (866) 903-0990 so we can help Thanks! I urge you to make a life choice constent with who you really are – constent with what you believe and value You say your husband “perfect” and hasn’t done anything wrong You made a commitment when you married th man and as you point out he doesn’t deserve to be cheated on…either emotionally or sexually Save yourself future pain by doing the right thing now If we can help we will gladly. I could actually do th I thought Walking on one brace only if I wanted leaving shorter leg hanging I got Jeff to take another one of high heels without the brace attachment made into it and slide it over right foot Th almost made up the difference to the floor Making the toe of the shoe point downward and barely touching the floor I crutched around for a few minutes Leaning on one stiff braced leg and dragging the other limp leg behind I let the toe of the pump slide on. I’m so sorry you are going through th we know how difficult it Here a great article that may offer you some insight >>> /how-to-end-an-affair Hi Kimberly Thank you for your fast reply Today’s oldest bday she just turned 4 and he didn’t even come by or call 🙁 how do I join the “save marriage” Facebook group.? Good afternoon We would to talk to you about your current situation Please give us a call at (615) 462- 1161 In the mean time try reading some of our other articles We are glad to hear. Josh heart breaks for you The situation you describe much more than I can address here in a few short paragraphs As you know your situation bad However it not necessarily hopeless there anyone that your wife respects who willing to intervene and ask her to consider saving her marriage If so please ask them to do so Then find a very very good counselor that your wife will trust and the two of you can work with If your wife willing to make only a brief effort and will not commit to seeing a therapt consider our Marriage Helper 911 workshop It n’t the “be all end all” that will automatically save your marriage but our stattics are. Jane I have asked Joe to give you some feedback on th post I’ll put it up here and notify you when he’s done that Something that I would offer – think about your belief and value system If your belief and value system says that your marriage commitment it important and that you would not want to break th commitment that you made before God friends and family then your choice clear We understand that acting on that belief and value system easier said than done If you would like us to help (without judgement) feel free to give us a. We leaned into each other on the ride back to house Jeff’s hand wandered over to thigh where he politely asked “May I?” H hand rubbed gently first on dress then around through the slit and between the upright parts of brace H strong warm hand paused when he softy touched the skin of silky smooth thigh making me gasp I couldn’t exactly feel h hand but knowing it was there gave me chills and greatly aroused me Even though I’m paralyzed I can still function sexually and feel an orgasm The physical part a little hard since I can’t really move wat or legs but the feeling there all. Hi Dina I’m c6-7 from spinal cancer I have had a happy sexual life No I do not feel sensation either Im married to the same woman for 17 years now Go slow and use ky or other lubs When I ejactulate orgasm you feel it in your brain and all over Hope all goes well don’t. Yes you should definitely consider counseling and receive further help There are many sues going on and I would suggest that you understand what going on with you and with your relationship before making any large decions We don’t do counseling but we would like to help if. I find the same Kat thin flaccid legs slight frame and splinted hands make obvious spinal cord injury 18 years a C5-6 incomplete quadriplegic in a “bulky” powerchair I’ve had little problem attracting women I’m no Calvin Kline underwear model but I am clean confident and charmatic intelligent and sassy fun loving and positive Most people see me not the wheelchair as for those who don’t it’s. Hello I’m not sure exactly where you are at with th relationship but th a GREAT article that may help you with your situation /how-to-end-an-affair Good morning I would strongly encourage you to sign up for our Decion Point Course It will help you decide what you want to do Please click th link for more information on the course >>> /decion-point-lp Can fade but that doesn’t mean you should just move on The will fade with the new person over time will always fade if people don’t do the things it takes to keep it alive You can fall in with your spouse again and make it right Yes it will take work Yes it a commitment and a decion not a feeling But it. Situation a bit more intense 4 years ago I reunited with an ex boyfriend in which case we exchanged numbers and immediately started communicating The catch 22 here it husband friend as well We have been seeing each other for 4 years and during that time he has gotten married and had a child Even with h union we still have not stopped seeing each other He tells me he in with me Not sure if I believe him As for me all I do think about him I think he the first person I have ever been in with I say that because I don’t think I have ever felt th way about husband I have tried to end it so many times and find self right back with him days later I don’t know what to do anymore I cry so much over th Cry over hurting so many people if we ever get caught Cry over loving him when all I want to fall in with husband Don’t kmow what. Autumn I highly adve that you lten to th podcast and read th other article It will give you a deeper understanding of what going on http://. /podcast/limerence-fall-madly-/ /limerence Also we can help you We can help you see what going on and how to feel that way about your husband again Our Marriage Helper representative Johnny would be happy to talk through th with you H direct number .8086. Your emotions are intense now but they won’t be forever Within a couple years if not before you’ll dcover that the Cinderella or Price Charming you’re in with n’t quite as wonderful or perfect as you think In the ecstasy of new people overlook flaws quirks and problems in the other or in the relationship When that emotion evolves as it must and will you’ll start to be bothered by things that never bothered you before You will dcover that Cinderella and Prince Charming ext only in fairy tales All the rest of us are flawed and at times hard to live with (See the article “How Long Do Affairs Last?”) Pavan many people are in your situation You are not alone These articles are culminated from years and years of experiences with thousands of people And we have seen the outcome of these situations For those that stay with their wife they can make their marriage better than it was before For those who leave with their r we have never seen that relationship. If wife were writing th I believe below what she would say about our marriage I found th posted a couple of years ago from As a husband and father that wants to save our marriage and working to identify and remove all of these self righteous prideful actions from self how do I get that one more chance from wife that has said she done and does not want to try and save the marriage Due to our kids activities we see each other almost everyday and are very nice to each other but very little dcussion about “us” wife has shared her feelings and what she wants but does not see that with me I have suspect but to the point I don’t have a reason to believe some involved She wants to be “True to herself” Hi I’m happily married but I have feelings for a good friend of mine who I had known before wife Infact she introduced wife to me I actually wanted friend then but she was in a relationship so I didn’t pursue I later got to know about a year ago that the feeling was mutual even then and still Now I can’t seem to get over the thought that I msed out on the one I really wanted She married too but experiences some unkindess from her husband And has declared her for me I her too and don’t know what.